Rocky La Reserve beach in Nice: why is it so unique?

La Reserve beach in Nice, France: this is a rocky beach near the port. It offers special stairs to enter the water. This place is famous among divers and the real lovers of the picturesque sceneries.

Aren’t you the fan of the crowded beaches, are you? In case if not, you will like the secluded La Reserve beach in Nice in Cote d'-Azur in France. It’s located right after the city port near Bain Militaires beaches, which was mainly used by military people just a couple of years ago. Look at the photos to see the wild beauty of this unique place!

la reserve beach nice France

La Reserve is the longest beach in this part of the city. It’s located right next to the entrance of the restaurant having the same name. Special stairs are going right to the sea. Here rocks divide small sunny pebbled islands where the real fans of picturesque places prefer spending their time.

While staying in La Reserve beach, you will never hear the noise of the city or loud plane roars. Only seagulls and waves are making sounds here. There are no busy streets or hotels near, so only people from the Eastern part of Nice prefer to spend their time here.

Do you want to see one of the most picturesque places in Nice? Then you need to visit La Reserve beach hidden among the rocks. This secluded place will simply conquer your heart!

One thing, which you have to keep in mind before going to La Reserve beach is a pair of comfortable shoes suitable for rocky paths. You also need to remember that it’s not recommended to swim during the strong wind. On the photo below you can see waves crashing on the rocks.

la reserve beach nice France

How to reach La Reserve beach in Nice?

One can reach the city port by Buses 3, 4 and 30. You need to exit at ‘Le Port’ stop. One can also use Bus T32 or Bus 20 that goes directly to Bains Militaires. Don’t forget to exit at ‘Villa la Cote’ bus stop. There’s also a convenient parking place, so one can easily come here by car.

la reserve beach nice FranceIt’s worth noting that La Reserve is considered one of the widest beaches in Nice. Nevertheless, there are special stairs, which can be used to reach the water. There’s almost no place to put a towel or a rug.

This place is more popular as a romantic place where people come to enjoy the sunset. Furthermore, La Reserve is also really famous among divers, who come here to find numerous colorful fishes living among the rocks. You can also look at the photo to see the sea world of La Reserve.


In case if you decide to come to La Reserve beach while in Nice, don’t forget to take a picnic basket with you. You can create a table on one of the rocks, and enjoy tasty food in the fresh air, enjoying astonishing local views.

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