Six things to try in Kolkata

This massive market has a reputation of Kolkata’s major shopping attraction, where real India can be felt deeply.

This city features top ten biggest cities in the world, and happens to be the second largest city of India. We have gathered a few interesting things to do so you don’t feel bored while discovering Kolkata.


Flower start of the day

Mallik ghat flower market in Kolkata

An inspiring way to meet the sunrise here in Kolkata is buying some flowers at sunrise. If you wake up at 7 a.m. and head to Malik Chat market, you get a chance to feel the fragrant scent of a thousand fresh cut roses, see slender men with enormous baskets of marigold flowers, and basically visit the most impressive accumulation of people and flowers possible. Here, you can watch traditional morning rituals and receive a bright flower garland.


Enjoy a tennis game at Tolly Club

Tollygunge Club

Visiting Tollygunge will get you some tennis experience at a 200 years old country club. Updated pools will provide an exhilarating cool down after the game, and a pleasant dinner with a view over a 40 hectares golf field will make for a nice conclusion. You definitely won’t want to leave.


Explore the best local shopping destination

Gariahat Market

It’s so easy to get lost in the labyrinth of curious shops at Gariahat Market. This massive market has a reputation of Kolkata’s major shopping attraction, where real India can be felt deeply. And of course, we all look for a few souvenirs wherever we travel to, so this spot will help.


Watch crocodiles and tigers

National forest named the Sundarbans

Laying on the delta of the Ganges, a huge mangrove forest – named the Sundarbans – boasts saltwater crocodiles and rare Bengal tigers. It takes approximately 2 hours from dynamic Kolkata to reach this beautiful land of pure nature. Over 865 square kilometers of evergreen forests house the biggest Indian tiger reserve.


Have a rooftop cocktail

Kolkata’s legendary Fairlawn Hotel

Enjoying cocktails with great night city views is best at the Blue&Beyond resto-bar on the roof of the Lindsay Hotel. Lovers of more traditional entourage would appreciate having a drink or two at the charming Elgin Fairlawn Hotel occupying the green building with colonial imprints, just around the corner.


Taste delicious Bengali cuisine

Bengali cuisine

Authentic Bengali food – one of the tastiest in town – is served at 6 Ballygunge Place. Generous portions and various flavors will make for a real feast. Paratha bread, Doi chicken curry and other classic Bengali dishes can be tried here.

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