How the short term rental rates in Dubai are changed throughout the year?

09 October 2016
The short term rental rates in Dubai in the beginning of November can be twice as low as in the end of November. And in February the rates may be lower than in January or March.

From month to month the short term rental rates in Dubai are changed noticeably, one can see rates differ up to 1.5-2 times compared to other months. Rates in the least dynamic and popular seasons might be 2 times lower than during the liveliest seasons. You think it’s logical and justified, but hold on: during summer, when it’s almost impossible to have a good vacation in Dubai the prices go down, and in winter they increase. Actually the graph of these fluctuations is a bit more complicated, but if you know it, you’ll be able to have a great vacation at a reasonable price, not having to deal with the gruelling heat and with crowds of drunken compatriots.

So when are the short term rental rates in Dubai are at their peak, and when do they plunge down the most?

The first peak: January That is the “highest” season, as it is in January when numerous people from the Northern countries seek for the Arab fairytale with luxurious recreation, shopping and entertainment during their Christmas vacations. As a matter of fact, that’s the main vacation of the year for the Europeans, Americans and Russians, and that explains why the demand for apartments goes up immensely during this period, causing the rentals to increase as well.

the short term rental rates in Dubai

A slight decline: February All the vacation lovers now return to their offices to make up for their holiday expenses, the businessmen get back to work on their projects, and the long-drawn holidays start to bother at some point. The tourist flow to the emirate abates, more and more visitors leave for home, hence the short term rental rates in Dubai decrease, the hotel room rentals decrease a bit as well. Still it is a fairly “high” season: tourists delight from lying on the hot beaches while it rains or snows in their homelands.

The second peak: March

March is the time when an influx of “solo” travelers rushes into Dubai. They avoid traveling during such popular seasons as the New Year holidays, as they don’t want to deal with crowds of drunken compatriots, so March is a perfect time for them. The water in the gulf is quite warm already, but the heat is not as sizzling as in summer, plus there are no massive flocks of “package tourists”. The “solo tourists” prefer renting apartments independently, so there are few unoccupied apartments on the market in March, hence the rental rates hike drastically. 
A dramatic decrease and the biggest decline: June

Starting from March Dubai begins to heat up under the sizzling sun more and more, and the peak of the heat is during June and Ramadan. Even the least demanding tourists would rather travel in Scandinavia or somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, so most of the apartments are empty. And the rental rates are at their lowest now - sometimes 2-3 times lower than in winter.

A gradual increase: August - September It’s still hot, but many citizens of other Arab countries come to Dubai for a vacation. Besides, the dramatic drop in rentals seduces some brave tourists into sacrificing the comfort in order to save some money on accommodation. That’s why renting an apartment during these months costs the same as in April.

It is worth noting that during these months the rates for hotel room rent go up immensely. Taking advantage of the rate decrease in July, the tour operators fill Dubai up with “package tourists”, packing the hotel rooms up with a great number of tenants. Though this fact has almost no impact on the apartment rentals.

The short term rental rates in Dubai can vary up to 1.5-2 times in different months of the year

the short term rental rates in Dubai

Another slight decline: October - beginning of November The middle of the fall - the climax of the business season in the entire Northern Hemisphere, and it doesn’t leave the people much time for recreation. A decrease in the demand for apartments can clearly be observed, and the short term rental rates in Dubai decline. In some places it is possible to rent an apartment for the same rate as in August.

A surge: the second part of November Here the demand is driven by the two types of tenants:

Travelers that wish to get a hold of summer in chilly autumn; Those who are afraid to travel during the very popular New Year season.

A hike in prices at this point is fairly comparable to a winter increase before and after the New Year.

A decline again: December This decrease is insignificant, but it takes place. The flow of November tourists calms down, the “New Year tourists” are only about to arrive, so there’s a certain standstill. Renting an apartment costs just like in April, though these rates go up dramatically a week before the New Year.


So when should you go on vacation to catch a perfect weather and favorable short term rental rates in Dubai?

After all, the optimal periods for a travel to Dubai are:

February; April; October and the beginning of November; A narrow “gap” in the middle of December. During this period the weather will be perfect both for excursions and for water sports, and renting a good apartment won’t cost you a fortune. So if you travel in winter it’s better to put more emphasis on excursions and cultural programmes (it’s warm in Dubai in winter, but not hot), and in autumn it’s better to enjoy the beach and the sea.

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