When short term apartment rental in Dubai really came in handy to me

A couple of stories from my experience of constant business trips, when short term apartment rental in Dubai turned out to be more expedient than staying in a hotel

Actually, I rarely resort to short term rental. I am a journalist, and I have been rushing around the world in search of some sensations for almost 20 years, so I mostly stay in hotels. The rooms for me are either booked by the editorial office, or when I’m in some airport on the outskirts of civilization, or other way around, in a modern megalopolis,

I just go to the nearest available hotel and check in. The editorial office pays for it all, so I rarely bother about the cost. But short term apartment rental in Dubai - that’s an entirely different story.

 Apartments for holiday in Dubai

The thing is, I have to be in Dubai almost every week. Sometimes even more often. This city unites almost all flight routes from Asia, Africa and the Near East. Wherever I fly, the route goes through Dubai anyway. When the gap between the flights is more than 6 hours, I go rest at a hotel. But sometimes hotel is not the best solution. I’ll show you a couple of cases, when short term apartment rental in Dubai was the most suitable option for me:

New Year

Have you seen the prices for hotel rooms during New Year holidays? In december 2014 I arrived in Dubai, and habitually told the taxist “Let’s go to the nearest hotel”. Got there, came up to the reception, booked the cheapest room, and...the money on my card wasn’t enough! The nice girl on the reception just shrugged and said “New Year, Sir”.

I could have paid in cash, but I wasn’t eager to pay such a hefty amount for a night with fireworks...Right there, in the lobby, I went online from my Mac, and rented an apartment for 200$ on Airbnb. It was somewhere on the outskirts, near the half-built Jebel Ali, but anyway, it was a quiet, tranquil and cozy place. And it was very nice of the landlord to come and pick me up from the hotel.

The reportage from the Palm

Just another time when I flew through Dubai, I decided to prolong my transfer for 3 days and make a big reportage about Palm Jumeirah. In Fairmont Residence they asked a price that I was expecting to hear, but wasn’t willing to pay. I called the office of HouseDubai, and the manager offered me another apartment in the same building, but 1.5 times cheaper. I saved $150 during those 3 days, and spent them on diving.

Fairmont-one-bedroom3 Apartments for holiday in Dubai

Short term apartment rental in Dubai when travelling with family

Someone might say: “Ridiculous! It’s much more convenient to stay in a hotel if you’re travelling with a family”.

And I’ll reply: “No! Living with a family in a hotel with Russian tourists, or even worse - with British youth, celebrating their college graduation - means hating yourself and your family”. You will have no rest, you won’t even have a proper meal in the hotel restaurant.

My work requires traveling through Dubai almost every week, and in my practice I’ve had cases when short term apartment rental in Dubai turned out to be cheaper and more expedient than staying in a hotel.

You’ll be surrounded with managers from Ryazan or with loudly-laughing, hardcore-partying future Oxford students, who will be dragging piles of food into their rooms and turning on the TV on full volume every night. Do you want this sort of recreation? I don’t, so I rent apartments in quiet, non-tourist areas, enjoy the silence and eat in regular cafes.

I highly suggest you trying this, your vacation will be just perfect.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that short term apartment rental in Dubai is certainly better than hotels. No, it depends on the situation. But it’s useful not to rule out this option when you travel. Sometimes it turns out to be the most preferable one. So be flexible and rational, and you’ll have wonderful time staying in Dubai.

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