Short term apartment rental in Dubai: look-over rules

Let’s find out what to check after arrival in order to make short term apartment rental in Dubai extremely safe and comfortable.

In one hand one may think that short term apartment rental in Dubai doesn’t require strict control and thorough examination of accommodation. Even if you face some problems or nuances, they won’t be too important during your 3 or 4-day stay. In other hand, if you have a chance to choose where to stay, why would you take something that will decrease the level of your comfort?

In other words, if you plan to rent an apartment for a couple of days, you have to check that there are no significant disadvantages, which may ruin your stay. So, what do you have to check?

Short term apartment rental in Dubai will bring you more pleasure and comfort if you check the following moments during check-in...

1. Documents of the broker

Full set of documents guarantees your safety. In another post we discussed about the list of documents of the owner or the agency, which are required to rent an apartment out. After checking these documents you can be totally sure that you will not violate local laws.

2. Equipment integrity

At least, try to check equipment, which you will use during your holiday:

  • Cooking panels
  • Electric kettles
  • Air conditioners
  • Fridges
  • Washing machines (if you plan to stay for more than 2 days)
  • TV (if you plan to watch it).

Pay additional attention to the air conditioning system, because it’s simply vital for most of the year.

Which moments are the most important during check-in in order to avoid any problems during your short term apartment rental in Dubai

3. Proper functioning of engineering services

Check water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Check hot water and flush the toilet. Turn the light on in all rooms. Check internet connection (if you need it) and several channels on TV. Such basic things are the main parts of your comfort and their absence may affect your holiday in a bad way.

4. Fresh towels and bed sheets

It doesn’t matter who’s responsible for them (the owner, an agent or a special service of the residential complex). They have to be fresh and pressed at the moment of your arrival.

5. Quality of cleaning before your arrival

In case if an apartment is leased on a short term basis, it means that other guests were staying there right before you. The owner or an agent has to perform cleaning in order to keep the proper level of hygiene.

Finally, try to reach the agent or the owner (the person who rents it out) by phone. If you face a problem at any stage, make an immediate decision if you are ready to accept it or you want to go to another apartment. Don’t forget that short term apartment rental in Dubai has to bring you comfort and feeling of your own home. Thus, you need to check-in only if you feel that such condition is observed.

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