Shopping in Dubai: chronic shopaholic confession

28 January 2017
Shopping in Dubai: where to go, what to check, general information about prices. Useful tips and tricks for the prudent shoppers from Russia.

My husband and I are visiting Emirates pretty often. We really love UAE for amazing opportunities of shopping in Dubai. Now we know that it’s possible to buy famous brands 20-30% and sometimes even 50% cheaper than in Russia.

In October we were tired of constant rains and first frosts of Saint-Petersburg and decided to visit Dubai in order to buy several presents for our wedding anniversary. We planned to visit Gold Souk (golden market) in order to buy a golden jewelry set for me and iPhone 7 for my husband, because it was his dream.

Shopping in Dubai

What is the best place to buy gold?

It turned out that we had to check several golden boutiques in Deira City, Emirates and Wafi City malls, but there was nothing interesting. After that we decided to visit Gold Souk. We have never been there before. What a pity! It’s a real paradise for those who love luxury and glitter.

Tonnes of gold and expensive gems are all around. Tourists are taking a lot of pictures. It’s simply impossible to check all 300 shops, because your eyes will be tired. In other hand one can find jewelry for any demand. I have to say that the majority of products are too massive and strange for our European fashion.

Holiday and shopping in Dubai: mixing business with pleasure

But if you managed to get through winding streets of this labyrinth, you will find a product that will fit your needs. I was lucky to find one. I don’t want to write about the price, but I have to say that I managed to buy a set of a chain with a pendant ornament, a ring and earrings with marbles 30% cheaper than in Saint-Petersburg. And the most pleasant moment is that such “golden” shopping in Dubai is not worse than a visit to a museum of jewelry!

Shopping in Dubai

What is the best place to buy cheap iPhone?

When we finished everything with gold, we started to search for iPhone 7. The very first place that you have to check if you need to buy a phone is Dubai Mall. There are many electronic shops in the mall, but prices were almost similar to Russian ones.

Shopping in Dubai: firsthand experience of visit to Gold Souk, purchasing a golden jewelry set, searching and buying iPhone 7 for the price that is 20% cheaper than in Russia.

After our unsuccessful attempt in Dubai Mall we decided to check Nasser Square that is incredibly popular amount Russian (and not only Russian) tourists. We also decided to visit Mall of Emirates before going there. We found a 23GB iPhone 7 with FaceTime in HiPnones for just 45.5 thousand rubles. After converting local currency we discovered that it was almost 20% cheaper than in Russia. That’s what I call lucky shopping in Dubai!

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