Make a discount yourself – how to bargain efficiently?

07 November 2018
If the person knows how to bargain, they will get a discount everywhere, including the shop, the taxi, the real estate agency and the car dealer. In order to understand the process of the bargain, you need to practice the easiest tasks...

Many people simply love to bargain, and they know how to get a discount even at the supermarket and the airport. At the same time, other people have no idea about the process of bargaining, and they never ask for a discount even in the case when the seller wants to make an offer, but he’s waiting for an action from the customer. 


You need to understand that in some situation it’s easier to discuss the price and bargain instead of not doing that. If you had never tried to bargain, or you are afraid to make that, just read this short article, and you will get the basics of smart and appropriate bargaining.

how to bargain efficiently

Haggle from the “strong point”

What does it mean? A strong point is a situation when the seller needs to sell something more than you really want to buy it. 


In the case when you are walking along the seaside in Kemer, and a seller offers you some sweets or souvenirs, you are in a strong position. You don’t really need the product, while the seller needs to sell it. That’s why the seller will be ready to make a couple of steps back, while you can talk about the desired conditions. It’s really easy to bargain in this case! Make a sad face, and the seller will decrease the price on their own.


Even in the case when you need to discuss something more important than sweets, pretend that you are in a strong position. It’s not really difficult because the level of competition is incredibly high in any area related to big money.


In fact, all the tricks related to the process of bargaining require to find a strong position. Just take a look...


Talk with the seller, ask about the product, tell about your requirements and try to get information about the seller

By doing so, you can make two things at once! You will get closer and familiar to the seller, and he’ll make a discount for a ‘friend’. Secondly, the more he talks, the more important you are. You are making your positions stronger, thus increasing the chance of a discount and its size.

Turn around and go away

Show that you know the market and prices of competitors

You can speculate and pretend a lot. You can say that the shop across the road offered you the same item two times cheaper. While renting a car, you can show a printed price list of a different company. Voila! You are in a strong position, and the seller has to make a discount or explain his position and the high price.

If you think that you can bargain only in the market or in the taxi, you are totally wrong. In fact, people bargain everywhere, even while buying an apartment, or discussion a multimillion deal. However, the ability to bargain can be obtained in such locations, as a market in Egypt, a shop in Turkey and a café in Thailand. So how can one bargain in order to get a discount and not to make the other person annoyed?

Bargain only when other buyers are not there

In the majority of cases, the seller won’t make a discount if other buyers are near. It will be unfair if they get the same goods without discount.


Turn around and go away

But make it in the right way, showing your doubts, thoughts, and disappointment with the temper of the seller. Sometimes sellers want to check your patience. In case if he sees that he’s going to lose a real buyer, he will offer a discount and favorable conditions.

how to bargain efficiently

Important principle: offer a price or ask for a discount

Nobody is obliged to offer you a discount. You are interested in a discount, so you need to make the first step. Just tell that you are ready to pay a specific amount. The seller will refuse to sell it, or offer special conditions. Continue bargaining until you reach the desired price. Remember that nobody is going to offer you a discount until you ask.

Important principle: offer a price or ask for a discount

So what is the perfect discount, when you want to tell your prices? It depends on the country and a specific product (service). In the case with Arabic countries, you can buy the products for 10-15% of the initial price. In Thailand and India, you can easily ‘cut’ 20-25% off. In Europe and the USA, you can ask for a discount of 10-20%. If the seller is working for a commission too, you can ask for 5-10% of discount, which sometimes is not really worth it. However, it’s worth it because the experience is more valuable than the discount itself. Today you can get a discount in a taxi, and tomorrow you will save a thousand dollars in the apartment purchasing deal.


And the last thing to remember – never think that the bargaining is only for poor people. The majority of talks between the highest ranking officials are just another form of bargaining. And the most famous bargainer is Donald Trump. He’s not poor, but he knows the art of bargaining better than all other people in the world. Never stop bargaining!

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