SANTA MUERTE is the night carnival on the occasion of the Day of the Dead in Kyiv.

During the traditional Day of the Dead in Mexico art factory, Platforma in Kyiv offers the Santa Muerte Carnival of Mexican food.

SANTA MUERTE Night Carnival on the occasion of the Day of the Dead in Kyiv

On July 13, 2018, Ulichnaya eda Team will host one of the most original (according to them) and unique events of the city called Santa Muerte Night Carnival on the occasion of the Day of the Dead. This is the annual holiday in Mexico, and it became incredibly popular among people, who celebrate it with masquerades, street food, and dances. The very same event will take place in Kyiv.

The key event of the festival is the street food cooking festival. Specially invited cooks will control the entire process. The festival will be lead by Senora Margarita, who knows the best authentic recipes. At the very same time, guests will be able to participate in the masquerade, drinking the purest Mexican tequila. 

One can dive into the bright and mystical atmosphere of the Mexican Day of the Dead during the Santa Muerte Carnival that will take place in Kyiv on July 13-15.

The celebration will take place on July 13, 14 and 15 at the base of Platforma Art Factory. 

Venue: Platforma Art Factory, Belomorskaya str. 1, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tickets: 100-150 hrivnas

Dates: July 13-15, 2018

Working hours: daily, from 16:00

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