The most famous loft hotels

13 September 2019
Industrial plants and old offices perfectly fit the needs of loft hotel owners. Some of the most famous buildings in the USA are currently used as the hotels and guesthouses.

5 of the most famous loft hotels located in old industrial plants

The trend of creating loft hotels on the base of old industrial objects is relatively new. Lofts became popular only during the last dozen of years, and many famous hotel chains have already realized the real potential of such objects for their business. As a result, the buildings belonging to factories, which were closed many years ago, are transformed into the loft hotels, which attract a lot of new customers from all over the world. Here are several examples...

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Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This hotel takes the first 6 levels of the building that was the headquarters of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. During the renovation of the place, designers tried to follow the style of the Empire State Building, covering the ceilings with the golden metal and decorating the rooms and the premises if the hotel with objects from marble and brass. All the decorative elements are still in the hotel.

Industrial and administrative buildings are the perfect choice for the hotel creation, especially if they are located in the city center. We offer you the list of 5 such hotels in the USA.

Trump International Hotel, Washington

This hotel will be opened by Donald Trump in the building of the USA Postal Department on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington in September. The building was created in the year of 1899, and serves as the dominant object in the district, following the Roman Renaissance style. Trump invested $200 million in order to create a loft hotel with 263 rooms, a fitness center, a spa and a steakhouse.

The most famous loft hotels

21С Museum Hotel, Oklahoma City

Obviously, this hotel has the richest history among all others. It was founded in 1916, and a lot of important components for Ford Model T were produced here. There are giant openings for windows, which were required in order to provide the highest level of safety during the manufacturing process. The authors of 21С Museum Hotel project decided to keep the windows, while several rooms are made in the traditional loft style, offering an incredible set of decorative elements.

The most famous loft hotels

LondonHouse Chicago

In 2016 a group of investors decided to buy the building of London Guarantee and Accident insurance agency and used it to create the hotel. Before that time the building was used by the insurance company, WLS radio, and a jazz club. After completing the renovation the building was transformed into the hotel, allowing the guests to live in the exact center of the city right on one of the busiest streets in the world.

The most famous loft hotels

Beekman Hotel, New York

This hotel is located in one of the most popular and well-known buildings of New York called Temple Court Building and Annex. This building offers the authentic style of the Victorian era, and location right in the Lower Manhattan. Previously it was the home of a rich immigrant from Ireland, Eugene Kelly. Later it was used by several companies, but 2 investors decided to buy this building in 2008 for $68. After solving a couple of problems related with the fact that the building was listed as one of the most important attractions in the city, owners of the building opened a hotel with 287 rooms, and a restaurant owned by Tom Colicchio and Kate McNally.

The most famous loft hotels

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