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Modern Rome offers a vast choice of monuments and buildings created during the first centuries of the modern era, astonishing temples of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as a huge number of sculptures and the paintings.

Rome is one of the cities, where you simply won’t be able to follow a detailed plan elaborated before the trip. It has a lot of unique attractions, ancient buildings, churches, and fountains, and you will make unplanned turns all around the place. One can walk along the narrow streets of Rome day and night, admiring the unique architectural style and the incredible atmosphere of the city that keeps the secrets of almost three thousand years of history. 

To the roots of the civilization

The history of Rome started almost 2,800 years ago and reached the peak during the 1st and the 2nd centuries. During the mentioned period the city was actively growing and developing. The famous Coliseum, temples, theaters, palaces, squares, and houses were built at that time. The field of sculpture and art was expanding and developing. The ruins of those majestic buildings can be seen even today.

During the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome became the center of Christianity. Even though the Vatican received its current status only in 1929, various religious communities used to work here from the 3rd century. The Papal States were created here at the beginning of the Middle Ages. 


The church administration affected the development of the city. During the Renaissance period, the church ordered to build a lot of temples and astonishing architectural masterpieces. That was the time when the majority of the architectural attractions of Rome were built. 

The history of Rome started almost three thousand years ago. The current territory of Rome contains a unique building from the mighty Roman Empire, which was created at the beginning of the new era. After the destruction of the mighty empire, Rome became the center of the Christianity. Already in the 3rf century, the current territory of the Vatican was taken by the first religious communities. During the centuries the church significantly affected the current image of Rome, building a lot of temples and other masterpieces. 

What to check in Rome

It seems that Rome has more ancient attractions than any other city in the world. While planning a visit to the Italian capital, one needs to spend at least a week here, and come for more.

Rome is located on twelve hills, while the ancient town with all the architectural attractions can be found on the seven hills right in the center of the city. This is the best place to start your trip to Rome. 

Firstly, all the visitors of the city want to see the Coliseum. During the day the place is too crowded, and it’s impossible to feel the real spirit of this place, thinking about the fights of the gladiators. If you want to immerse into the atmosphere of this place, you can book a special night tour The price is a bit higher, but you will be able to walk all around the Coliseum in silence without being disturbed by other people. 

The same atmosphere can be experienced on the territory of the Roman Forum, which used to be the center of the public life of the Roman Empire. One can check the ruins of the Venus Temple, Basilica of Maxentius and arcs of Titus and Tiberius. 


If you want to see the ancient Roman temple, you need to go to the Pantheon created in the 2nd century. It was called the temple of all gods. It’s so astonishing and beautiful that you will feel a full range of new emotions while entering it. The diameter of the dome is 43 meters, and there’s a 9-meter oculus located in the center of it. Try to go there in the middle of the day when a strong ray of the sunlight will enter the building through the oculus. 

Don’t forget to check the Catholic temples of Rome: the church of Saint Peter, the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and the Church of the Gesù. There is a lot of small temples and churches located all around the city. Some of them can be decorated with unique murals and paintings by the famous Michelangelo and Bernini. 


There’s also a huge number of museums in Rome. You can find a lot of them, including the Museum of Pasta. The most important are the Museums of Vatican, the Capitoline Museum and the Museum of the Villa Borghese Park. 

While trying to reach various attractions of the city, you will definitely find a lot of bridges and fountains. Some of them have their own legends and myth. For example, it’s believed that if one throws a coin into the Trevi Fountain and makes a wish, it will come true. It seems like the truth because recently local workers took out coins worth 1.5 million Euro. 

Finding a home

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