Reviews of XXII Carat community villas located on Palm Jumeirah

XXII Carat is an elite community with unique villas located right on Palm Jumeirah, accommodation for reach men from the Persian Gulf, India and Europe.

XXII Carat — review of the project with the most luxurious villas in Dubai

XXII Carat complex of villas is a project of Forum Group developing company. General public is talking about an incredible level of luxury of new houses. This community will include 22 villas: Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. All villas will have European style. Potential buyers of these villas are rich people from the Persian Gulf, Russia, India and Europe.

Developers have already sold around 30% of the real estate and plan to finish the entire project by the end of 2017.

“Demand for elite real estate is constantly growing and is significantly higher than offers with really exclusive and unique houses,” says Anton Yachmenev, managing director of Forum Group.

XXII Carat offers accommodation owners a 5-star hotel life experience and 24-hour services: concierge, private beach and 360° views over Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate Market Report for the third quarter of 2016 shows that potential customers are interested in luxurious offers, while the market has only a few offers. That’s why Forum Group decided to take this free part of the market.

Dubai real estate sector is more developed than those of other big cities, while experts are forecasting significant increase of the foreign investor interest by 2020.

XXII Carat

“The Dubai real estate market becomes more and more attractive for buyers from different countries, and we decided to invest significant amount of resources in order to exceed expectations of them,” added Yachmenev.

What will people get living in XXII Carat?

XXII Carat offers resort-style houses located right on Palm Jumeirah Island (on the west half-moon) right next to One and Only The Palm. This closed community with a private beach includes villas with unique design and seven bedrooms, covering the total area from 800 to 1300 square meters. Guests of all the villas will enjoy astonishing views over the city of Dubai.

XXII Carat

“High level of income allows us creating financial power, thus we have an opportunity to develop XXII Carat as per schedule. And this is only the first part of our long-term plans in that will shake the entire real estate market of Dubai,” commented Yachmenev.

By staying close to the western half-moon, owners of luxurious Mediterranean villas will enjoy their unique resort lifestyle. They will live every single day in their spacious rooms with 24\7 concierge service and exclusive access to private beach terraces and 360° views over the city and Persian Gulf.

XXII Carat

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