ROGO's Restaurant by Rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi – dishes are delivered on a roller coaster!

hat his restaurants will use only eco-friendly products, and offer only healthy food
Michael Makk
Yas Mall presented a new restaurant of Rollercoaster chain that offers a fully automated order execution system that is based on the Roller Coaster.

Abu Dhabi became a testing platform for new ideas and the unique inventions in all fields. They are used not only in the field of entertainment but in the restaurant business. Recently Yas Mall presented a new restaurant, which became incredibly popular among all the locals and foreigners. Rollercoaster company that is famous for its food delivery system, decided to add one more restaurant to their chain and opened ROGO’s restaurant in the capital of Abu Dhabi. No doubt it became the biggest restaurant in the chain. 

Rollerсoaster restaurant

Roller coaster by Rollercoaster

All the restaurants by Rollercoaster offer a fully automated order placement and execution system. There are no waiters in the restaurant. While entering the place, guests need to choose a table with special tablets. By using them one can check the menu and order food. The information about the order goes right to the kitchen, and cooks are able to start making the food right away. 


ROGO's in Abu Dhabi can host almost 400 guests at the same time. Each table has its own roller coaster track that is used to bring food from the kitchen located on the second floor. The majority of them is made in a form of a spiral with smooth turns. However, some of them are more complex. The most interesting one is called Tornado. It has a lot of turns and falls, while the food is moving at a crazy speed. 

Yas Mall offers the biggest restaurant with the Roller Coaster. The ROGO's restaurant that belongs to Rollercoaster chain offers a fully automated order placing and execution system. One can use a special tablet to order the meals and receive them right from the special track located in the front of it. Each table in the restaurant is connected to its own Roller Coaster that is used to deliver the ordered products. 

All the dishes are delivered in such a way, including even glasses with wine. The system is made in such a way to protect all the dishes, so nothing will fall down or spoil from the glass. Sometimes they are covered or fixed on the track in order to avoid any issues. The guests have to take their dishes from the track and put into the center of the table. 

Rollerсoaster restaurant

This process is really unique and amusing. Before sending the food the guest will receive a notification on the tablet in order not to miss it. The track will be illuminated with colorful lights.


The food is relatively basic, but the roller coaster makes it much better. Kids and children will be amazed during a visit to this restaurant. 


The first Rollercoaster restaurant was opened in Germany. The idea of the automated delivery system was elaborated by Michael Makk. The main idea of his project was to cut the expenses by avoiding the waiters. Makk told the audience that his restaurants will use only eco-friendly products, and offer only healthy food. 

ROGO's is not just interesting, but incredibly tasty

By looking at the roller coaster, guests may think that the owners of the restaurant spent all their time in order to make it. However, ROGO’s will impress you not only with the roller coaster but with the incredible taste of the dishes. 

Rollerсoaster restaurant

The menu is relatively vast, and one can order as traditional food from all over the world, as well as some delicacies. The restaurant hires only cooks with the huge experience, and only after the internship in the first restaurant of Rollercoaster chain. 


Interestingly, the cooking time is incredibly short, while the drinks are delivered in just a minute from the moment of order placement. 

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