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Mari Vanna Restaurant in Saint Petersburg: location, description of the interior, menu, and photos of the venue

Mari Vanna Restaurant in Saint Petersburg: dive into the world of nostalgia

Mari Vanna Restaurant is a place that will stay in your mind forever because it gives you a full range of incredible feelings during the visit. It’s famous with the incredible home atmosphere and the retro style, while guests are offered traditional Russian and Soviet dishes and delicacies. The restaurant also offers a special Summer Menu.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

Mari Vanna Restaurant is frequently visited by the noblest and famous guests of the Northern Capital, including politics, celebrities, famous actors and athletes. However, this venue is open not only for the famous but for the regular visitors from all the countries. The staff will do everything to make you feel warm and welcome.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

The restaurant is located on Mytninskaya Naberezhnaya 3 and provides astonishing views of the Hare’s Island and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Mari Vanna Restaurants can also be found in Moscow, Baku, New York, and London, offering the same unique atmosphere of the good old Russia.

Mari Vanna Restaurant is a unique place that has nothing in common with the public nutrition venues. It reminds a manor place for the noblest people…

Interior of the venue

Have you ever been to a folk art museum? It will definitely remind you the hall of Mari Vanna, but you will be able to immerse into the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. The entrance is decorated with the lashed curtains, while the walls are covered with ancient photographs, saved from the Czarist-era.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

Here you will also find a lot of carved furniture, fireplaces, and mirrors in golden frames, spinning wheel, samovars (boiling tanks) with traditional Russian round cracknels, old typing machines, and many other objects from the glorious times.

Mari Vanna Restaurant   Mari Vanna Restaurant

Mari Vanna Restaurant offers a spacious hall, a lot of places in the balcony, and two independent rooms: the Dining Room and the Fireplace Room. Furthermore, there’s a so-called Secret Room, where you can discover all the secrets of home-brew and various tinctures production.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

Loyal guests will get a special key, which can be used to enter Mari Vanna restaurants all over the world!

Menu and prices

The key benefit of the venue is the vast menu with incredible dishes from the traditional Russian and Czarist cuisine. Here you can taste Olivier’s Salad with veal green soup, as well as the pancakes with various sorts of caviar. 

Mari Vanna Restaurant

In case if you plan to have a party, you can’t imagine one without a roasted piglet and stuffed sturgeon, pickled mushrooms, and traditional Russian Vodka.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

Here’s the list of average prices: the main course is 900 rubles ($14), the appetizer is 400 rubles ($6), and the dessert is 350 rubles ($5). Guests are offered with wine and cocktail cards, as well as a special menu for kids.

Mari Vanna Restaurant

Mari Vanna Restaurant is really recommended for those, who want to discover all the secrets of the Russian culture.

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