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French cuisine consists of the cooking traditions and practices from France.
Alain Ducasse
Le Meurice is your chance to travel to the Paris of Louis XVI. Philippe Park created the atmosphere of Versailles in the restaurant, while Alain Ducasse made the best dishes, which were awarded 2 Michelin Stars.

There are many places in Paris where one can immerse into the history. One of them is Le Meurice Restaurant located in the 5-star hotel of the same name. It was built at the time of Louis XVI and passed through several renovations, managing to keep its initial look, and getting even more attractive. The halls, which were used by the royal and noble families, are open to the public audience, allowing them to be a part of the royal event.

The last renovation took place in 2016. It was made by the famous architect Philippe Park, while Alain Ducasse decided to be the chef of the venue. The collaboration of two people allowed the restaurant getting 2 Michelin stars in a row. According to The Sunday Telegraph, the restaurant is one of the best places in France and the world. 

Le Meurice

Keeping the spirit of Versailles

Le Meurice Restaurant is located on Rivoli Street right next to the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. It was opened in 1835 by Charles-Augustin-Merisse. It remained one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris for more than a century. 

In 2000 the building was totally reconstructed in accordance with the drawings made in 1905. That was the moment when the restaurant received its current look that was updated by Philippe Park. Currently, the restaurant offers truly Versailles style with a lot of gold. 

In order to create the interior of Le Meurice, architects used both antique and modern objects. The walls are decorated with the walls and paintings from the 19th century, while the lighting is provided by the pompous crystal chandeliers. Silk curtains are used to cover the tall windows looking over Paris and neighboring gardens.  

Le Meurice

Furniture for Le Meurice was made by the best studios of Paris, while the collection of the dishes and cutlery was elaborated by Pierre Tashaum and Shinichiro Ogata. 

The classic interior of Le Meurice was added with modern elements and a piece of humor by Philippe Park, who wanted to make the atmosphere easier and more attractive. The entrance of the restaurant is decorated with the red carpet, while walls are covered with quotes from the Gourmet Code by Horace Ressone. 

When famous chef Alain Ducasse and the famous architect Philippe Park started to work together, it was obvious that they would create something really astonishing. Shortly after the renovation, Le Meurice received two Michelin stars. The halls decorated in the style of Versailles and the culinary talent of Alain Ducasse are really worth it. 

Culinary masterpieces by Alain Ducasse

In addition to Le Meurice, Alain Ducasse controls 26 other restaurants, which are more than successful. He invited Joseline Herland from his team to lead the restaurant because he had experience of work in Michelin restaurants. 

                          Le Meurice

Ducasse and Herland decided to create the conception of “restoring the heritage of the ancestry”. They use simple and eco-friendly products for all the dishes, and try to use season vegetables and fruits. 

Ducasse is an artist, and he thinks that the process of cooking is a theatrical performance. In order to make it perfect, all the elements have to be exclusive and attractive: the table, which is the stage, the cutlery, and dishes, which are the decorations, and the food. 

Le Meurice Le Meurice

One can appreciate the talent of the chef by ordering any dish from the menu. Each of them will bring you to the world of culinary happiness and incredibly paired tastes. For example, foie gras is served with a special juice and seaweed marmalade, while the beef is served with pickled anchovies and oysters. The chef will offer you a compliment in the form of poached eggs, lime sauce, and ground radish. Spend some time to try the best desserts of Le Meurice. They offer homemade chocolate with blackcurrant and caramelized violets. 

Address: 228 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris


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