Indian restaurant Gazebo in Sharjah

Indian restaurant Gazebo is famous among the gourmets with its incredible biryani. The menu offers 21 variations of this tasty dish, which are made according to the ancient recipes.

Indian cuisine won’t keep any person indifferent. Tasty dishes offer a combination of incredible ingredients, numerous spices, and sauces, creating memorable impressions. In case if you are in Sharjah, you need to visit the best Indian restaurant called the Gazebo. It’s famous among gourmets with biryani made from rice, lamb, dried fruits, nuts, and spices.

Hereditary chefs and traditional recipes in Gazebo

Gazebo Indian restaurant is located on the first floor of the tall building on King Faisal Street right next to Al Majaz Park. The interior was made using original natural materials, offering the guests incredible views over the park and the coastal line. Perfectly chosen lighting creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  


Chefs are considered the main asset of the restaurant. Here one can find real masters learned their skills from the predecessors and praising the real passion for the world of culinary masterpieces. They use ancient recipes of more than 200 years old, which are secretly kept by the modern chefs. However, that’s not all. In the majority of cases, chefs avoid using modern equipment, choosing ancient ovens or even open fire called Dum Pukht. 

According to this method, one has to cook products on coal or low fire using tightly sealed dishes. In some cases products are boiled in their own brine for several hours in a row becoming incredibly soft, and giving the most intense aroma. 

In some cases, the pots are sealed not with covers, but with special dough. As a result, one is able to taste soft bread with the incredible aroma of the dish. 

Gazebo offers a really vast menu, allowing each and every guest choosing something on their own taste. In case if the guest is already familiar with Indian food, but they don’t like spicy dishes, chefs are always ready to reduce the amount of pepper and other spices in their dishes. 

Even though prices on Gazebo are lower than in other European restaurants, it offers the unbeatable quality and services. 


Gastronomic adventure

Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse because it was created by many nations. Gazebo offers dishes of the northwestern part of India, which are called Mogul sometimes. It was created during the era of Muslim Empire of Mighty Moguls. Vegetarian dishes play an important role in their culture. At the very same time, meat is available, and dishes are frequently added with chicken, pork, fish, and seafood. They don’t use only beef, because cows are sacred animals in India. 

In case if you go to Gazebo, you need to try biryani. The menu offers 21 variations of this tasty dish. It can be made with lamb, chicken or even without meat at all. There are many combinations of spices and cooking methods. One can order biryani made according to an ancient recipe in a clay pot covered with special bread. 

In case if you like vegan dishes, you need to try Saji made from beans, vegetable, and curry powder. 

Don’t forget to try traditional Indian soups called shorbas. You can try thali – a soup made from rice and lentils. There are chicken and tomato shorbas available too. By choosing them, you need to be ready to taste a lot of different spices. 

All the dishes are offered with wholegrain or corn flour bread. You can also try traditional lavash cooked in tandoori oven. One can try a tasty pie made from dough, cheese, greens, potatoes and ground meat. 

The menu offers a vast choice of meat, fish, and seafood. One can try one of the numerous desserts. You can try real Indian delicacies, which can’t be found in any other restaurant. 

The menu offers colorful pictures, making it easy to choose something that you really want. The incredible atmosphere of the place will make you come here again and again. 

Address: Ground Floor, Bin Kamil Building, King Faisal Road, Abu Shagara, Sharjah

Working hours: from 11.30 to 23.45

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