Grill Steak Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne

Grill Steak Seafood, Kangaroo steak, seafood, and traditional desserts
Here you can try the tastiest kangaroo stake grilled according to an ancient recipe. The menu offers the traditional dishes from Australia and other countries.

The central street of Melbourn hosts Grill Steak Seafood Restaurant for more than 15 years. Many years ago it was a small family business. These days the restaurant is one of the most frequently visit venues of Hardware Lane. The restaurant is famous with the vast menu and extensive wine card. One can taste the best dishes from the menu as in the main hall, as well as on the terrace while listening to the live music. However, one needs to book a table in advance in order to get here. 

Following the ancient traditions of Grill Steak Seafood

Grill Steak Seafood offers an incredibly vast choice of dishes and products for the guests. The menu has a lot of traditional British, French, Italian and Australian cuisines. 


No doubt that all guests of the venue want to taste the kangaroo steak, which is the traditional dish in Australia. However, it’s not the last thing that you shall try here. There is a wide choice of fish and seafood cooked in accordance with the ancient recipes of local people. The local cuisine transformed many times under the influence of British and French products. These days it combines a whole set of incredible and unusual tastes. In other words, you simply have to try it. 


The majority of meat and fish dishes is cooked on the coals. You can see it by ‘Bush Tucker’ tag in the menu. They say that this cooking method was taken from the aborigines. There are many other cooking methods, and you will definitely find one to your taste. Talking about meat, it’s worth noting that Australians love pork, beef, mutton, lamb and chicken. You can also order food from crocodile, ostrich or opossum. Even though Grill Steak Seafood has a vast menu, they offer only kangaroo meat in case if you want to try something really local.

Grill Steak Seafood Grill Steak Seafood

Australian cuisine has a lot of dishes, which can be found in other countries; however, they use different cooking methods, adding a local scent. For example, one can try the local version of pasta. It’s cooked with Vegemite sauce that was invented by one of the local chefs in 1923. It includes beer yeast, celery, onion, and various species. The sauce is pretty spicy, and will perfectly add meat and side-dishes. 

Grill Steak Seafood is located on Hardware Lane in the center of Melbourne and became famous with its menu and the wine card. Here one can try the best dishes from the Australian cuisine, as well as the rare delicacies, astonishing desserts, and locally made wines. 

While in Australia, one can also try various forms of pizza, pies and fresh salads with exotic fruits and vegetables. 


In order to make your dinner perfect, you can buy a glass of beer or wine made in Australia. 

Kangaroo steak, seafood, and traditional desserts

Grill Steak Seafood offers kangaroo steak with green beans, potatoes, olives, and pesto sauce. It will be added with a glass of wine because the wine creates the incredible taste. The price of such steak is 30 Australian dollars.


If you want to try various types of meat, you can order a so-called grilled plate with a set of meat cooked in accordance with ancient recipes. It includes a steak from kangaroo, pork ribs, lamb steak, chicken barbecue and a vegetable salad with French fries. The dish can be eaten by two guests and is worth 105 dollars. 

Grill Steak Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne

The menu also includes the same plate with seafood. By ordering it, one can taste salmon, barramundi, king shrimps, mussels and calamari. The price of this dish is 110 dollars. 


You can order pasta or risotto as a side-dish. There are many options, and waiters will help you to choose one that perfectly adds the chose meat or fish. 


There’s a menu for kids in Grill Steak Seafood. It’s pretty simple, but all the dishes are greatly decorated, and all the children want to try it.


Address: 66 Hardware Lane, Melbourne


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