Felice a Testaccio Restaurant in Rome

Italian food in Rome
Felice a Testaccio restaurant is not popular among the tourists, but locals really love it. Even though the trattoria was opened in 1936, all the traditional recipes are still in use here.

In order to discover the traditional Italian cuisine in Rome, one needs to avoid choosing posh restaurants. You need to go to a tiny family café. They offer the unique atmosphere and traditions of the cuisine. Felice a Testaccio is one of such places. It’s located on the first floor of a residential building in Via Maestro Giorgio. Tourists are rarely seen here because the restaurant is located far from the city center. You can come here during the day without booking, but you have to reserve a place in advance if you plan to spend an evening here.

Felice a Testaccio in Rome  Felice a Testaccio in Rome  Felice a Testaccio in Rome

Connecting three generations

The first trattoria was opened by Felice Trevelloni in 1936. It was located in the southwestern part of Rome on Testaccio Hill. That was a very poor area, but a home café with affordable prices and fast services attracted a lot of people. Felice was a tough man, and he could even refuse serving someone, if they were rude, or if he didn’t like them.


Despite all this, Felice gained a reputation of a strict yet fair person, while his trattoria became a favorite place among local workers, who gathered here to talk and relax after the working day. By the way, the name of the venue was chosen by the customers. They combined the name of the owner with the name of the street, making it Felice a Testaccio.

In order to try the best local dishes in Italia, one needs to go to one of the small trattorias crowded by local people. Felice a Testaccio is one of such places that was founded in 1936 by Felice Trevelloni. Currently, the restaurant is managed by his grandchildren, but the unique atmosphere and the recipes of Italian dishes remain unchanged. 

Currently, Felice a Testaccio is a family business managed by the grandchildren of Felice. Even though the place has a new address, the owners decided to keep recipes and the name of the venue. Their target audience is Roman people. The interior is very simple. The walls are made from brick, while the floor is covered with a basic tile. Wooden tables for 4 guests are covered with tablecloths with glasses and cutlery. The venue may seem cheap, but the food is the main asset here. You will witness the real Italian food made and served with love 

Felice a Testaccio in Rome

A couple of years ago the second restaurant of the chain was opened in Milano. It’s managed by the niece of Felice Trevelloni. 

Family recipes in Felice a Testaccio

The menu of Felice a Testaccio consists of two parts, which may be confusing. The first part is called the main menu, while the second one – is additional. Both menus are divided by the days of the week. It was made in accordance with an old tradition of customers, who used to come here every single day. People are able to choose dishes from any part of the menu.


The key dish of the restaurant is “Cacio e Pepe”. This is a sort of pasta cooked in accordance with the family recipe of Trevelloni family. It has cheese and a mix of peppers. The dish looks relatively simple, yet has an astonishing aroma and taste. 

Felice a Testaccio in Rome

Spaghetti Carbonara is also worth a visit. It has a lot of cheese and crusty bacon with Italian herbs and spices. There is pasta with anchovies and tomatoes. 


Don’t forget to try “Abaco al Forno”. This is tender lamb with crusty cover served with potatoes and rosemary. Another great choice is “osso buco” made in accordance with a perfect recipe of Felice a Testaccio. 


The chef can surprise guests with tastiest desserts. Try sweet tiramisu or a pie with ricotta, and you will never forget them. 

Felice a Testaccio in Rome

Even though Felice a Testaccio has a vast menu and the best dishes of Italian cuisine, the prices are lower than in more popular restaurants. The average price of a dinner for 2 people is around 50 Euros. 


Address: Via Mastro Giorgio, 29

Working hours: every day from 12:30 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:30

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