Al Fanar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi – dinner in the sky

Al Fanar Restaurant is located on a rotating platform on the 31st level. Thanks to the perfect location right in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it offers amazing views all over the city and the Persian Gulf.

Al Fanar was the first restaurant on the rotating platform in Abu Dhabi. However, there’s a huge number of the similar restaurants these days, but this one is rightfully considered as the best one. It is located on the 31st level of Le Royal Méridien in the heart of the capital in the UAE. Here you can enjoy the astonishing views of the city, tasting the most exquisite dishes of European and Middle Eastern food. This is the perfect place for a romantic date, friendly meeting and business talk. 

Al Fanar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Panoramic views by 360°

People come to Al Fanar not only to taste the best dishes of the local food and the incredible atmosphere of the venue. The restaurant is located on the last level of the famous hotel and rotates on a unique platform. In an hour and a half, the restaurant makes a full circle, allowing the guests to enjoy the Persian Gulf, the flourishing gardens of Cornish Orchards, the center and even the suburbs of the city. 


The best time for the first visit to the restaurant in the late evening when you can admire the sunset. There’s nothing better than the red circle of the sun hiding behind the horizon, covering the city with bright rays. This image looks incredibly astonishing from the height of the restaurant. However, that’s not everything. When the twilight covers the city, Abu Dhabi turns on a lot of bright lights. Everything is shining and glittering, creating an incredible romantic mood. 

Al Fanar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

The atmosphere of the restaurant is also incredibly warm. It has the Mediterranean design added with sophisticated decorative elements, which are traditional for the eastern countries. Such combination may look a bit unusual, but it’s really exquisite and attractive. 

The rotating platform in the base of Al Fanar restaurant moves by 360° in one hour and a half. Thanks to this amazing construction, the guests of the city are able to enjoy the astonishing views of Abu Dhabi from the 31st level, tasting the most exquisite dishes of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The designers of the venue paid a lot of attention to the lighting system. In order to avoid the lights to destroy the incredible panorama of the city, the lighting is not really bright. By creating such atmosphere, the platform looks even more intimate and romantic. 

Al Fanar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Thanks to its incredible panoramic views, Al Fanar restaurant became famous not only in the UAE but all around the world. All the tables are booked in advance, and you have to make a reservation at least in a couple of weeks. You also need to choose the exact table during the booking. Even though the restaurant is located on a moving platform, not all the venue is rotating around. The middle part with the desk, the kitchen, and several tables is not moving at all. 

Al Fanar

Tasteful journey

Al Fanar will surprise you not only with the picturesque views but with the vast menu. The Mediterranean cuisine plays the main role here, but it’s added with a wide choice of Middle Eastern dishes, including amazing food from Lebanon and Morocco. Guests are able to enjoy the classic dishes, as well as to order something unusual and new. 


It’s recommended to order Al Harris and Al Majboos as the main course. Both dishes are made from mutton, which is always incredibly tasty in the Middle East. Al Harris is made from the chopped meat and grains in the clay pots. Al Majboos is mutton with potatoes, rice, tomatoes and green peppers. 

Al Fanar Restaurant

While the main course is being cooked, one can taste traditional appetizers. For example, one can taste mezzehs – a set of traditional appetizers, which are offered at the beginning of the evening. It includes various kinds of national bread, including such tasty things as raqaq, chibab, and hummus made from peas and sesame. Furthermore, you definitely need to try Al Fanar salad made from fresh seasonal vegetables and tabouli sauce. The key ingredients are parsley, mints and ground grains. 


Those who prefer Mediterranean food can enjoy the vast choice of fish and seafood. Try giant mackerel, sea perch, angelfish, lobster, calamari, oysters and other delicacies from the sea.  

Al Fanar Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Don’t forget to order a tasteful dessert at the end of the day, The restaurant offers amazing desserts, from traditional baklava made from the thin layers of dough with honey and sweet syrup and ground nuts, to the best types of the Middle Eastern delicacies. 

Address: Le Royal Méridien, Sheikh Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi

Working hours: 10:00-24:00

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