Rentals in Dubai: when landlord has right to dispossess tenant?

Which law or legislative act governs rentals in Dubai and when the landlord has a right to expulse the tenant from the apartment? What to do for tenants?

Rentals in Dubai are governed by the Law No. 26. According to this legislative act the owner can’t dispossess the tenant from the rented apartment with no significant reason and before the termination of the rental agreement. The tenant is obliged to observe all the provisions of the rental agreement and take care of it in case if he or she doesn’t want to be on the street one day.

Rentals in Dubai

What to do if owner wants to live in apartment or simply wants to sell it?

The owner is obliged to inform the tenant if the owner or one of his close relatives is going to live in the rented apartment not later than in 12 months in advance.

If the tenant was dispossessed due to the mentioned reasons, the owner is obliged not to rent the apartment for 24 months, except cases when the court judgment contains different conditions.

The owner shall inform the tenant not conversationally, but using registered mail or Associated Notary. This rule protects the tenant from spontaneous actions of the owner and allows him or her to find new accommodation without rush.

Rentals in Dubai: what will happen with the tenant if the landlord decided to live in the apartment on their own or to sell it, possible reasons for dispossession before and after the termination of the rental agreement?

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When owner has right to dispossess tenant before end of rental agreement?

The rental agreement shall not be terminated prematurely if one of the parties wants to terminate it without significant reason. According to the law, rentals in Dubai may be terminated prematurely in the following cases:

  • the tenant is not paying rental charges for more than 30 days
  • the tenant is renting the apartment to third parties without consent of the owner (the owner reserves the right to claim remuneration)
  • the tenant is using accommodation for immoral actions
  • the tenant performed changes (intentionally or by inadvertence), which are considered as dangerous
  • the building is in emergency state, which has to be confirmed with a technical statement; or in case if local authorities decided to renovate or demolish the building
  • the tenant is using the apartment in a way that is directly prohibited or not directly mentioned in the rental agreement

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What are legal reasons for dispossession of tenant after termination of rental agreement?

Rentals in Dubai shall be terminated at the end of the rental agreement in the following cases:

  • the owner decided to reconstruct or rebuild the apartment and the tenant can’t accept such actions
  • the apartment requires reconstruction confirmed with official documents and the tenant can’t live in the apartment during such works
  • the owner or his relatives are going to live in the apartment (the owner has to confirm that they don’t have other accommodation options)
  • the owner decided to sell the apartment

It’s worth noting that the owner has to inform the tenant about dispossession not later than in 12 months before the termination of the rental agreement.

All disputes shall be solved in the Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai.

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