How to rent an apartment in Dubai for short term?

20 September 2016
Anticipating the most frequent questions regarding this topic, we’re showing you all ins and outs of the short-term rental in Dubai.
Short-term apartment rental in Dubai via agencies is not difficult. At least because there’s always an agent who can help the tourist go through the whole rental process, knows all of its’ particularities and tries to make it go as easy as possible for the client. Still, for many travellers who visit Dubai for the first time it would be much better to fully imagine the short-term rental process before submitting their requests to agencies. That’s why we’ll lay out a detailed plan for the tourists, so the whole procedure would become completely transparent and simple. So, let us begin... Palm Jumeirah Villa31. Contacting an agent on the website Yup, you’d better do this before choosing a specific apartment. The thing is, a manager could find a couple of appropriate proposals for you right away - taking in account the price, the area and all the amenities you require. Going through hundreds of rental offers and filtering them according to your needs would be much more tedious... You can contact the manager in many ways: in a chat window on the website or you can leave your inquiry for any of the apartments you pick. It is important to inform the agency that you’re interested in short-term apartment rental in Dubai and leave some specific information. In HouseDubai and other good agencies employees reply by e-mail or on the telephone within several minutes, and almost instantly in the chat window (if you’re writing during the working hours, of course).

Short-term apartment rental in Dubai is not difficult if you realize the whole process of booking and moving in

2. Choosing an apartment for short-term rent in Dubai It is crucial that the manager helps you on this stage of choosing. Don’t be shy to ask about drawbacks of every apartment or area, ask the prices straight off, ask which of the offered options is better and why. The managers get paid for doing their job, and answering these questions is a part of their job as well, so you should feel free to “interrogate” them with all the questions you need to ask. We already discussed what details do tourists usually pay attention to when renting apartments for a short period. This stage is also a right time to discuss all the specific details - whether there’s a crib or a highchair for children, whether it’s possible to move in with pets and so on. 3. Booking the apartment In most agencies booking is made with bank cards, it’s the simplest and the fastest way to pay. It is better to use a credit card instead of a debit one, because if you have to cancel the booking it will be much easier to conduct the cancellation with a credit card, and the funds will return to the credit account much sooner. It is suggested to ask the manager for his or her personal contact details while booking, so you could contact him (her) at any time should the necessity arise. The representative of the agency must make and send you the copy of the rental agreement by e-mail - it might be necessary for getting the VISA.
short-term apartment rental in Dubai
short-term apartment rental in Dubai
4. Preparing for the trip Contact your manager a day or two before you set off for Dubai and discuss all the details of your appointment there. It’s mandatory to find out the exact address of the booked apartment and the approximate price for a taxi ride from the airport. It is preferred to write down the contact phone of the agent or the person who will be passing you the keys. With all this info in your pocket you should feel free to start your trip. 5. Arriving in Dubai and moving in After you land in Dubai you go to the determined address of the apartment complex and meet your manager there. The manager will show you the apartment, hand you the keys and access cards, acquaint you with the concierge, answer all your questions and after all that you will sign the contract on paper. That will be the best time to find out all the necessary details about your accommodation, possibilities to get to certain places, the terms and the procedure of moving out. Usually you don’t have to meet with the home owners. Short-term apartment rental in Dubai is completely possible interacting with the agency only. Usually it is much more convenient for homeowners, tenants and for agents as well. Moving out of the place is even simpler: the agent arrives to the apartment by the time you have to move out (usually with the homeowner), makes sure all the property in the apartment remains undamaged and then you return the keys. And remember: in all complicated or unclear situations the agent will serve as your best assistant. Feel free to call him (her), ask questions, find out all the details. Your comfort in Dubai is our job, so let the managers prove themselves as your dedicated helpers and friends during your trip!

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