Real experience of tour to Burj Khalifa

Tour to Burj Khalifa isn't just another trick for tourist, but a really impressive event. First hand experience after visiting the best attraction in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in both Dubai and the entire worlds. It’s also the biggest and most interesting attraction of the city. This tower goes right to the sky with the height of 828 meters and 163 levels, cutting the clouds with its astonishing spire. This building accommodates 9 hotels, luxurious apartments, offices and restaurants.

Burj Khalifa


Dubai won’t be Dubai without Burj Khalifa, that’s why you must book a tour to this impressive tower with its astonishing viewpoints!

The very first thing that you have to make in Dubai is to see the entire city from a bird's perspective. Just buy a tour to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and be sure that you will get unforgettable memories and experience!

Buying tickets

We recommend you to buy entrance tickets on the official website of Burj Khalifa. One can buy a ticket not earlier than in a month before the date of the visit. In order to enjoy amazing view one has to pay AED 125 for an adult and AED 95 for a child of 12 years old or less. These tickets can be used to check viewpoints on 124th and 125th levels.

The Follow Me To Couple Take Their Dubai Shots to New Heights With These Risky Poses
The Follow Me To Couple Take Their Dubai Shots to New Heights With These Risky Poses


“148+125+124” class ticket is worth AED 350. They also offer premium hours for additional fee, as well as a possibility to enjoy the sunrise at 5:30 am. You can find all the information on their website.


If you want to visit the tower without booking it in advance, you will have to pay AED 400. Such tickets can be bought on the first level right next to the entrance. Many tour companies are offering special Burj Khalifa tickets with additional surcharge or with an included tour around Dubai.

At the Top SKY

At the Top SKY 


My wife and I decided to buy tickets on their website in one week before our trip. We decided to go there at 11am, because we wanted to see manmade islands. We were afraid to go their earlier, because we were afraid of the fog. We did our best, because visibility at 11am was simply hilarious. Now we have a dream to go there at 6pm in order to enjoy dancing fountains in front of the tower and explore the city at night.

Burj Khalifa

Security check

We have to say that visiting this attraction will take 2 or 3 hours of your time, thus you won’t get hungry if you eat in advance. All guests have to pass strict security check before entering the building. You can take your purse or wallet with you, but no food or drinks are allowed! There’s a special storage room where you can leave even pretty big stuff like baby carriage.


One will see an illuminated copy of the tower with information about the tallest building in the world, which were built after the Great Pyramid. Unfortunately, there’s no information about the Moscow TV-tower in the list.


Many people complain about giant queues to elevators, but we were lucky, because we had only 50 guests in front of us, thus we didn’t have to wait. The tower is equipped with high-speed elevators and your ears will be clogged.

We visited “At the Top”

We visited “At the Top” 


We visited “At the Top” viewing point that is located on the 124th level. Tour lasts about one hour and that time is enough to observe everything, make a lot of photos, selfies, explore local attractions and wait in queues. 


Right here one can buy an additional ticket to the “At the Top SKY” and go right to the 148th level in order to continue the Burj Khalifa tour on the height of 555 meters!


Don’t but any souvenirs here, because prices are crazy. However, the tour itself is worth your attention!

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