Re-executing rental agreement in Dubai: how to do and where to go?

Your rental agreement in Dubai is going to be over soon and you have no idea about how to re-execute it? You can do this by visiting local trustee.

All people who rent accommodation in UAE are asking this question: “Is it possible to re-execute a rental agreement in Dubai on your own when the current term is over?” Many agencies are offering this service for a fee, but you don’t want to pay additional money for the prolongation of your agreement. So, is there any solution?

Procedural formalities for prolongation of rental agreement in Dubai

The entire rental agreement prolongation procedure in Dubai is incredibly easy, thus you don’t have to use services of various agents. The landlord and the tenant have to visit the local trustee and express their will to prolong the agreement, providing required documents. The price for this service is AED 50 and the entire process won’t take more than 20 minutes.

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According to the law 26 that took legal effect in 2007, each and every accommodation rental agreement in Dubai has to be registered in RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). One can register their agreement on the Ejari agency website.

Do you need to re-execute a rental agreement in Dubai? You can easily do that yourself without using services of your agent. Check this article to get general information about what you have to do…

Trustee ca also help you in solving this problem: just add AED 250 and wait for 20 minutes more, while your rental agreement will be registered in accordance with local laws.

Required documents

In order to save your time and make the prolongation procedure as fast as possible, you have to prepare the following documents:

For landlord (accommodation owner):

  • copy of the passport with legal and valid visa
  • original of Emirates ID
  • copy of Title Deed
  • original of Tenancy Contract

For tenant (guest of accommodation):

  • copy of the passport with legal and valid visa
  • original of Emirates ID;
  • copy of Ejari (information about registration in RERA)

If the owner is a foreign citizen and living outside of UAE, there’s no need to show Emirates ID. Copy of passport with valid visa is more than enough.

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How to re-execute a rental agreement in Dubai on your own?

In order to avoid any problems and wasting your time, call your local Trustee before visiting them for prolongation of your rental agreement in Dubai, and check the actual list of documents and other legal formalities.

As you can see, everything is very easy. Keeping in mind that various service agents are taking three times more money than you can pay during a visit to the local Trustee, you are killing two birds with one stone!

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