Quebec City’s 10 best eateries

For the most pleasant experience, take a seat in the amazing garden room that brings an impressive sensation of being in an orchard-house.

Quebec, being among the oldest European cities of the continent, offers cuisine that is influenced by both its French origins and the generous lands the city is surrounded by. Independently of the season, the local stands and stores demonstrate the gifts of nature from the farms and freshly prepared cheese and wine.

Although the city’s culinary scene is in large part formed by the entire country’s history, Quebec’s cuisine doesn’t follow a single direction. The industry’s professionals say they belong to a mix of a foreign and historical impacts, so it is difficult to define the local food as something particular.

With this article, we are beginning a list of Quebec City’s must-visit restaurants.

#1 Café Saint-Malo

This eatery received its name after a fishing village located in the northwest France and has been a popular place for over 35 years now. Two chefs operate at this Old Port café – a Quebecer and a Bordelais – cooking classical specialties such as onion soup, meat and beans casserole containing freshly picked components. The dishes are often founded on family recipes. If you want to have an ideal summer lunch, enjoy a salad with warm chevre on the local terrace next to the famous antique district.

#2 Le Saint-Amour

Unfortunately, many popular restaurants belong to the once-a-fine-place group and offer a somewhat mouldy food quality nowadays. This one is not the case. Le Saint-Amour located on Rue Sainte-Ursule appeared in 1978 and is able to fit high expectations of a true gastronome. The establishment’s owner and chef is French and has been successful at providing top-quality dishes that support the place’s high quality reputation. For the most pleasant experience, take a seat in the amazing garden room that brings an impressive sensation of being in an orchard-house surrounded by hanging plants and beautiful paintings.

Le Saint-Amour

Le Saint-Amour


#3 Le Billig

The place is located right across the Old Quebec walls, on the street growing into local life’s center. This welcoming eatery with brick-built walls and a small-sized kitchen scrawls its menu on a board. But it is better known for serving the tastiest and sweetest thin pancakes around. If you want to have a meal that is both tasty and budget-friendly, we advise you to add a glass of home produced apple wine to your pancake serving.

#4 Panache

Situated in a small luxury hotel next to a lovely park and steps away from Fleuve Saint-Laurent, this place increases popularity of modern Quebec cuisine. Despite of being a surely top-rank restaurant, Panache occupies a 19th century storage unit, with rural objects such as uncovered crossbars and walls of stone add some loose vibe to the context. If the weather allows it, the best way to experience this eatery’s delicacies is to head to one of its supper clubs either on the Island of Orleans or on the promenade Samuel-De Champlain.

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