Trip to Atlantis: Lost Chambers aquarium in Dubai

More than 65,000 sea creatures can be found in amazing Lost Chambers. Here you can swim among the cutest small fishes, dolphins and even sharks while discovering the key secrets of the mysterious Atlantis.

What was the life of the wise people under the water? What was the civilization of Atlantis, and what happened with it? While going to Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai one can travel to this underwater world in order to discover all the secrets of this mysterious empire. Many years ago a lot of ruins of ancient marble buildings were found in Ambassador Lagoon. These days it serves as the home for the aquarium under the sky, and more than 65,000 of sea creatures.

Visiting ancient Atlanteans in Lost Chambers

The inner part of the aquarium looks like an ancient city. There’s a lot of spacious thematic halls, and each of them tells the visitors different legends. Everything is made from marble and metal. Walls and high ceilings are covered with ancient maps and magic artifacts. We all know that Atlantis had the incredible level of technical development, and one can experience some of them in this incredible underwater world. 

Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

For example, the hall of seven men of wisdom, one can find parts of so-called biologic “computer”. According to the legend, Atlantis was ruled by King Atlas and 7 men of wisdom. When the King needed to make an important decision, he was sitting on the tall throne in the middle of the hall, while men of wisdom were surrounding him, creating a closed circle. They were talking for a long time, and the final decision was made by the biological computer located above their heads. 


While walking through other halls, one can try the ancient periscope, create a trip using the ancient map, and understand how people of Atlantis used mosaics to predict the weather. Furthermore, there’s a lot of interactive screens installed all over the park, and one can also hire a guide to get the best of the park. Here you can also participate in interesting quests, and find the ancient treasures. 

Diving with sharks, swimming with dolphins and feeding the guitarfish

All the halls are equipped with giant panoramic windows with the height of up to 5 meters. Only these windows are enough to imagine that you are staying in the underwater world. One can also meet the sea creatures, and dive right into the water, feeding them, and playing with them. 


The visitors are offered to choose from a huge number of excursions. One can swim in the lagoon in a boat with the transparent bottom, or swim with a mask and a pipe. More courageous visitors are able to reach the hidden depths of the sea. For example, one can reach the bottom of the water park in a special helmet that provides enough oxygen. This is a great opportunity to travel around the sea world with your family. Kids of 6 years and higher can participate in this program. 

While visiting the biggest aquarium Lost Chambers with more than 65,000 of sea creatures, one can not only swim among them but discover the mysteries of Atlantis. The Ambassador Lagoon is the places with the ruins of the ancient buildings with the age of more than a couple thousand years. 

The fearless people are able to discover the depths of the ocean with scuba gear. You can swim right next to 14 different species of sharks, guitarfish, as well as the huge number of colorful fishes. Furthermore, one can see two while alligators (there are less than 30 of them in the world). By going deeper into the sea, one can find the ruins of the ancient city. Even though this attraction is totally safe, one needs to present a diver license. Newbies have to be accompanied by a professional diver.  

Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

If you don’t want to swim with the sharks, you can find more friendly creatures here. Lost Chambers has a giant dolphinarium, where one can swim with these incredible mammals, listening to their amazing songs, and taking memorable photos. You can also meet with sea lions, seals and even penguins! Young visitors of the park can swim in special contact pools with colorful fishes, sea stars, and tiny crabs. 


The aquarium is the home for more than 65,000 sea creatures. All of them require care, so the owners of the park created a special clinic. One can visit it to see how doctors are taking care of the tiny fishes. You can also take some pictures, and even touch or feed some of them. 

Address: Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Crescent Road, The Palm Island, Dubai 

Working hours: 10:00-22:00

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