People in Paris are protesting against the public urinals in the city

People in Paris are actively discussing the idea of the administration of the city to install the public urinals. The majority of people is angry with such an unusual idea of the administration.

The website of the administration of Paris has already received more than 1000 signatures under the petition to remove the public urinals installed in the historical part of the city. Protesting people are sure that such urinals affect the historical image of Paris. It not only destroys the charm of a European country but creates dangerous sanitary conditions.


We have to remind that starting from the beginning of the summer the administration of Paris started to install the public urinals, which look like giant barrels with grass. The barrel is full of hay, which will be used as the compost to grow the grass on the top of it. In order to go to the toilet, a man has to pee into an opening on the side of the barrel. The construction of the urinal allows hiding genitals. 

The idea to install the urinals in the historical parts of Paris caused a lot of anger from the local citizens. They have already created a petition to remove all the urinals in the city.

Nevertheless, people are sure that the process of peeing is too intimate to allow making it on the street. Furthermore, people report about the terrible smell of the most frequently used urinals in the city.


The administration of the city hasn’t commented the petition yet.

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