What is the price of the cheapest apartment in Dubai for a holiday?

The cheapest apartment in Dubai for a holiday: price, available dates, location, furnishing, equipments, advantages and disadvantages for a traveler.

In case if you want to visit Dubai, but you don’t have enough money for a hotel, you can find a cozy studio for just $40-60 per day! Does it sound too cheap for the most expensive city in the world? Let’s check and find out everything about the cheapest apartment in Dubai.

Advantages of the cheapest apartment in Dubai

The main advantage of all cheap apartments with the price of $40 per night is their separateness. Guests can use their own apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. There’s no other tenant and guests can use it on their own. Only rooms in big apartments or hostels can be cheaper than such studios.

All the apartments in Dubai are well-maintained, perfectly renovated, fully equipped and furnished. The majority of tenants offer bed sheets, towels, shampoos, shower gels and high-speed internet access.

The cheapest apartment in Dubai – you become totally autonomous, saving money, but getting a chance to stay in a wrong area with bad neighbors.

The second advantage is that the mentioned price is the final one. If you want to book the cheapest hotel, be ready to pay 10% of the municipal fee, touristic fee for each night and 10% of the service fee, while the cheapest apartment in Dubai has no hidden costs. Sometimes owner may ask you for an additional cleaning fee.

The cheapest apartment in Dubai

Traps and pitfalls of the lowest rental price

There’s always a reason for a low price, but guest has to find such reason on their own.

Usually, the cheapest apartments in Dubai are offered for daily rentals, but it’s not really like that. The minimum period of rental may be 7-10 days. This is a great choice for a holiday, but you can’t use this option if you want to spend just a couple of days in the city.

Another trap is the location of the apartment. The higher is the distance from the center and beaches, the lower is the price. Another situation – an apartment can be located in a very nice area with not public transportation means. Check the exact location of the apartment in order to save your time and avoid excessive and useless walking.

The cheapest apartment in Dubai: pros and cons for a traveler

Another important factor that affects the price is wrong neighbors who came from India or Pakistan. Sanitary conditions of such residential complexes leave something to be desired.

In other words, before booking the cheapest apartment in Dubai, try to discover all the details and important factors.

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