Festa dei Cornuti in Rome

Festa dei Cornuti in Rome: event description, history of creation and time of the event.

Festa dei Cornuti has no other similar events in the entire world. This festival was created at the beginning of the Middle Age. In fact, it’s a sarcastic celebration of all the cheated husbands that is carried out in the outskirts of Rime. Men have to wear colorful costumes and put a couple of horns on their heads in order to march all around the village. At the end of the ceremony, one can see a poet on a donkey walking around the streets and reading his sarcastic poems.

Festa dei Cornuti

People say that Festa dei Cornuti was created as an attempt to soothe the pain of husbands, whose wives were sleeping with magnates, who had the “right of the first night”.

Festa dei Cornuti is a joyful parade of the husbands with horns on their head in order to show that their wives were cheating on them. This festival is carried out every year in Rocca Canterano (45 km from Rome) at the beginning of November.

These days it transformed into a silly event with dances and live music, unique songs, short sketches, and giant celebration right on the street.

Usually, Festa dei Cornuti is carried out in Rocca Canterano during the first or the second weekend of November. In 2018, it will be held on November 10 and 11. There’s no admission fee for the guests.

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