Positano in 5 minutes

Positano is sooner known for the many coastal delights it offers rather than shopping malls or cinemas a more urbanized tourist is used to finding in bigger cities.

Positano village became a very attractive holiday destination in the middle of the previous century, thanks to the unique beauty of its architecture and the enchanting atmosphere. It is located 60 km to the south of Naples and will be noticed at once because of its pastel colored buildings seeming to be put one on top of another. Sky-blue water, green trees and splendid views make time spent here both inspiring and relaxing.


Hotels to consider

San Pietro Di Positano, hotel Italy

If you want to wake up and admire one of those amazing wallpaper-worthy views of Positano, with the turquoise waters and lovely colorful houses, travel 2 km away from the town along the Amalfi road, to Hotel San Pietro Di Positano. It’s a local sight really worth seeing, even if you choose to stay somewhere else. All rooms boast a private terrace and most of them are equipped with a Jacuzzi. The first lift will take you to a wide green terrace beyond the reception, and the second one will deliver you to the seashore, drinks and tennis court. The hotel is closed December to March.

Poseidon, Positano Italy

For a small hotel with a more homelike yet subtle atmosphere of hospitability visit Hotel Poseidon offering about 50 rooms and initially planned as a private holiday getaway villa for its owners. This wonderful living option decorated with eye-pleasing gardens was created in accordance with local traditions and provides peace and harmony.


Eating out options

Al Palazzo, Positano Italy

Try delicious Mediterranean food in the open air of Restaurant Al Palazzo botanical gardens.


Don Alfonso 1890, Positano Italy

If you are in love with organic farm products and looking for a mix of regional cuisine and new cooking methods, visit Don Alfonso 1890 to enjoy the signature dish – sweet pepper, pilchard and oregano pasta.


How to spend time here

Streets of Positano

Positano is sooner known for the many coastal delights it offers rather than shopping malls or cinemas an urban tourist is used to finding in bigger cities. So don’t expect a diverse points-of-interest scene here – take an unhurried walk or rent an auto and explore the coast instead.


Getting here

Positano from above

If you plan to reach Positano by air, the nearest airport is in Naples, and an hour+ ride will deliver you to the town.

Property in this region

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