The most popular areas for accommodation rental in Dubai among travelers

02 February 2017
The most popular places among travelers: the best areas for accommodation rental in Dubai, unique style of areas and prices for holiday rentals.

The area of short-term accommodation rental in Dubai becomes more popular year by year due to its affordable prices. But what it the best area for a tourist who wants to check all the attractions, staying in comfort conditions and paying as less money as possible?

The most popular areas for accommodation rental in Dubai among tourists are Deira, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. The order is not an occasional one. The first one has the lowest rental prices, while the last one offers the most luxurious objects.

Deira — the atmosphere of ancient Dubai

While listing the best areas for accommodation rental in Dubai, we have to start with Deira – a historical district on the right bank of Creek bay. This area offers perfect fusion of ancient objects and modern life. This district has its own ambiance and atmosphere: an ancient boat pier, bazaars where one can buy virtually everything, Heritage House and Al Rigga Boulevard.

Main areas for accommodation rental in Dubai for your vacation

The best thing is that prices for studios and one-bedroom apartments start from just $100 per night. Main disadvantages are too annoying market sellers and remoteness from the beach.

Dubai Marina — shopping, walking and entertaining

On the banks of a giant artificial channel one can find ultramodern skyscrapers, luxurious restaurants, cafes, shops and clubs. This is Dubai Marina. The main attractions are the Marina Promenade – the favorite walking place with well-maintained beaches. One can stay here to combine beach holiday with social events.

The best areas for accommodation rental in Dubai for your holiday: review of the most popular holiday destinations, main attractions, atmosphere, and short-term rental prices.

We can say that Dubai Marina is the brightest and the most modern area of the city. AN average nightly rate for a studio is around $200-250. While local hotels are much more expensive.

Palm Jumeirah — luxurious beach holiday

The manmade island of Palm Jumeirah is considered as a luxurious suburb of Dubai with all the elements of the Arabic “Dolce Vita”. Tourists love this area for its amazing beaches, the zoo, the water park and the dolphinarium.

One can rent an apartment in various residential complexes with private beaches and high-quality services: grandiose Shoreline of 20 buildings, naturally Arabic Fairmont, prestigious Golden Mile, comfortable Tiara Residence and astonishing Oceana with its unique architecture.

An average price for studio starts from $300-350 per night with minimum 7 nights of rental. If you want to spend your holiday in the luxurious and patient atmosphere of the Persian Gulf, there’s no better area for accommodation rental in Dubai.

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