Why using Booking.com and Airbnb is more profitable than working directly with the hotel?

14 February 2019
It’s totally wrong to think that using Booking.com can be expensive than working directly with the hotel. In fact, Booking.com makes everything to ‘beat out’ the best prices for their customers.

Some people don’t really like using third-party websites to book apartments and hotels. They think that by avoiding such places as Booking.com and Airbnb, they can save a lot of money by working directly with the owner or the hotel.

We will explain to you why this idea is totally wrong.


Direct booking can be the same or even more expensive than the offer of an agent

It doesn’t look too logical, but you need to understand the key principles of the hotel or the owner of the apartment.

The fact is hidden in the idea that more than a half of the hotels in the world won’t be able to survive without Booking.com. They get the majority of orders from Booking.com, and this agent ‘feeds’ them with the orders. In case if they try to work on their own, they need to pay a lot of money for promotion and marketing, and the tourists will pay for that. As a result, when a tourist wants to book something directly at the hotel, they get the same or the higher price than offered at Booking.com. In the majority of cases, the price will be even higher.

The same works for Airbnb. If a user leaves a bad review for the listing, the owner won’t be able to rent it out.

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Furthermore, Booking.com made a couple of scandals when hotels complained about the dictate of Booking.com asking to decrease their prices in order to attract new customers. In fact, Booking.com cares to make the lowest prices for the hotels, thus attracting more and more tourists. 

It’s well known that Booking.com has already turned into the monopolist, and they are able to dictate their rules to the hotels. The key goal is to get the highest number of bookings, thus it wants hotels to decrease their prices again and again.

The commission is not added to the price but deducted from it

In other words, you will see the same prices on the website of the hotel and Booking.com. But if you decide to use Booking.com, the hotel will pay the commission, so it makes no sense for you.

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Working with an agent is more convenient and safe

Don’t forget that Booking.com brings the majority of the customers (or all of them) for small hotels. By having a booking from Booking.com you will get more attention. The fact is that the tourist can leave a review in the system, thus affecting the rating of the hotel and the overall number of the bookings. Sometimes such a negative review can doom the hotel. That’s why you can be sure that by working with Booking.com you will be served before all other customers. You get more services for the same amount of money.

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