The best beaches of the UAE in Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island is the perfect place for a beach holiday. The island is washed by the water of the Persian Gulf, and the temperature of the water can reach up to 32°С, falling down to 20°С only in January.

3 of the best beaches in Saadiyat Island

The best beaches in the region of Abu Dhabi can be found on Saadiyat Island. In the Arabic language, Saadiyat means the island of happiness. Saadiyat Island can be found in the Persian Gulf and offers the temperature of the water of 32°С during the summer. Even during the winter the temperature never goes below 24°С. This astonishing island offers 9 kilometers of the shoreline covered with snow-white sand and secluded from the urban part of the island with mangroves. All these features make Saadiyat Island the perfect place for a holiday. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

Currently, there are active construction works performed on the island, which planned to be terminated by the end of 2020. At the same time, some of the resorts are ready to meet their guests, offering incredible architecture, luxurious decoration, and the best services in the world. 

Saadiyat Island is hidden somewhere between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the waters of the Persian Gulf. This is the best place for a beach holiday in the region. This place offers great climatic conditions all year round, while the water temperature stays in the range of 24 to 32°С. There’s a public beach on the island and the wide range of resorts and hotels located right in the shoreline. 

Monte-Carlo beach club is considered the most prestigious place in Saadiyat Island. Another fashionable location is Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, one can easily enter the hotel, and spend some time on the beach by paying a small fee without even booking a room. Those, who don’t want to pay a lot for a luxurious life and the best living conditions, can go directly to the public beach offered on the island. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

Public Beach of Saadiyat

The overall length of the public beach is 400 meters. Here you can find a cozy location in order to tan, swim in the patient waters of the Persian Gulf, right ski-doo and even kayaks. There are several kayaking schools in the region. 


As in all other parts of Saadiyat Island, you can enjoy astonishing views and memorable panoramas. The blue waters of the Persian Gulf are mixed with snow-white send with dunes and dense mangroves. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

The territory of the beach is controlled by a special company. The entrance fee starts at the level of 25 AED for adults and 14 AED for kids. One can rent sundecks, parasols and swimming equipment for additional fees. The beach is open from 8:00 until the sunset. One can reach it by taking a taxi from Abu Dhabi or by using the public bus.  


Useful information

The majority of hotels in Saadiyat Island are located not closer than 60 meters to the shoreline. This distance was made to protect the eggs of the endangered turtles because their population decreased by 80% as a result of human activities.


Currently, the island performs the turtle protection program. As a result, all the beaches are constructed in such a way not to affect the life of the sea creatures. During the egg-laying period, the beaches are covered with special pathways, while all the illumination is turned off during the hatching period. Light can confuse the turtles, and they may go in the wrong direction, which will result in their death. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

Monte-Carlo Beach Club

This is a luxurious beach club that covers an entire area of 40,000 square meters. It offers a well-equipped beach, a couple of pools with a different temperature of the water, a separate pool for kids, a spa center, as well as cafes, restaurants, the gym, shops, and many other venues. There are playgrounds for kids of 3-12 years old, where they can spend a lot of time under the strict control of the staff. 


Furthermore, there are two restaurants in the club. One of them is open only for the members of Monte-Carlo Beach Club, while the second one is famous not only on the island but in Abu Dhabi. Le Deck offers the best dishes from French and Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the chef right in front of the guests. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

Park Hyatt Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Park Hyatt Hotel is located right on the shoreline and offers a private access to the beach. There are a hotel and a set of luxurious villas, which offers the atmosphere of full privacy and the highest level of comfort. 

Saadiyat Island beaches

There are a giant pool and a spacious park in the hotel. The beach is relatively big and offers a wide choice of sundecks and parasols. There are a special playground and a water park for kids right on the beach. 


One can enter the beach even without booking a room in the hotel. Guests can pay to use the pool, the playgrounds, and a hotel room during the day. 

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