Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota in Florida

Siesta Key Beach is famous for its white sands and astonishing views. It offers free parking, lifeguard services, special mats, cafes, barbeque tables and all kinds of equipment for rental.

The sunny Florida, where people are able to swim and tan almost throughout the year, offers a wide range of beaches, constantly competing for the name of the coziest and the well-equipped beach. Many times Siesta Key Beach managed to get this title. This place is famous with its snow-white sand, astonishing ocean, and colorful sunsets.

Siesta Key Beach

Sand of Siesta Key includes 99% of quartz particles, making it soft and smooth. Your feet will dive into the sand like into the water. The quartz sand in this area stays cold even during the heat. Each particle of sand was created more than a million years ago. They were taken from the mountains with the wild rivers, falling right to Siesta Key, transforming this beach into a sunny valley from a fairytale. One can find a lot of shells with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Both kids and adults will spend a lot of time collecting them.

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach received the following awards: The best white-sand beach in the world 1987, the Best sandy beach in the USA 2004, the Best beach in the USA 2015 and 2017.

Beach infrastructure

Siesta Key is located on Beach Road in Sarasota. There’s a huge parking, which can be busy during the high season.

Siesta Key Beach

The depth of the coastal line is not really high, which makes this place a perfect choice for families with kids. Lifeguards work here throughout the year, making this place one of the safest in the state.

Siesta Key Beach

There are special tables and benches for those, who want to make a picnic, while people can rent sundecks and parasols. Keeping in mind the big length of the beach, some parts of it are covered with special roller mats, which make access to the water easier.

The beach offers toilets and changing cabins, as well as numerous cafes and venues. Thanks to its enormous size this beach can be rarely found overcrowded.

Siesta Key Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida. It’s famous with its snow-white quartz sand that creates a comfortable atmosphere even during the heat. Don’t forget about the picturesque sunsets.

Sometimes Siesta Key becomes closed for swimming as a result of the red seaweed invasion. However, this period usually lasts for a couple of days only.

Entertainment and attractions on Siesta Key

Start your holiday by visiting free yoga classes right on the beach. Go to Another Broken Egg Café to have the best breakfast with pancakes and bacon.

Siesta Key Beach

During the day you can rent a bicycle and check all the outskirts of Siesta Key Beach. Make a picnic in the evening, and watch the sunset with millions of colors, or visit a local karaoke bar, or go to Daiquiri Deck Raw and order the best cocktail.

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