Paloma Plage Beach – one of the best places in Cote d'-Azur in France

Paloma Plage Beach: history, infrastructure, and photos of one of the best beaches in Cote d'-Azur in France.

Paloma Plage Beach in Cote d'-Azur in France

Paloma Plage Beach welcomes all the guests with the following slogan: “Welcome to the paradise!” and it’s really worth it! This is a luxurious, cozy and exquisite beach founded in 1948, and getting better day by day.

Paloma Plage Beach can be found in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat almost at the end of the cape in one of the local picturesque bays. Many years ago it was created as a place for rich and famous people, and even today it has some aristocratic chic. The entire place is full of luxurious villas built in different years, while astonishing pines can be seen all around, bringing an incredible scent that covers the entire shoreline.

Paloma Plage

Few words about the history of the beach

This place was inhabited by such noble people as the King of Belgium and Russian aristocrats, who were attracted with the soft climate of the Cote d'-Azur in France. The beach was named after Paloma Picasso, who was a famous designer, a businesswoman and a daughter of the famous Spanish artist.

Paloma Plage Beach is a place with a unique atmosphere that became popular among the noble people already in the middle of the previous century. This is the place where the rocks meet the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea…

The paradise of Paloma Plage became a hideaway for the famous family, where they could spend some patient moments altogether. Since those ancient times, this place is well-known as a resort for families. One can see numerous weddings, parties and birthdays here, and people are able to make memorable photographs in nature. Well-trained and educated workers of the restaurant will do their best to make each event memorable and unique.

Paloma Plage

Beach infrastructure

These days Paloma Plage Beach attracts the fans of snorkeling. People are able to swim with masks and pipes in the crystal clear waters with colorful fishes and astonishing plants hiding in the local rocks.

Paloma PlageThe beach is pebbled, but it’s so tiny that one can easily think it’s a sandy beach from the distance.

Such small pebbles create no discomfort when one walks on the beach.

The shoreline offers a wide choice of sundecks, parasols and special pathways.

There are changing cabins, showers, and toilets. Right in the center of the beach, one can find a snow-white quay for yachts and boats.

The restaurant with the same name is always open for the welcomed guests.

While having a holiday here, you can look at the beautiful vessels moving around the deep harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, enjoying the picturesque cliffs above the sea. Paloma Plage Beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Cote d'-Azur in France, while some people call it the best beach in the world. 

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