Pink Sands Beach – pink sand in the Bahamas

Beach with pink sand in the Bahamas: Pink Sands Beach photos, the secret of the unique color of sand, the best time for the holiday.

Who said that sand on the beach has to be yellow? Pink Sands Beach breaks the rule, and it’s not a problem at all because Forbes magazine called it the most beautiful beach in the world! Pink Sands Beach photos with soft pink colors will convince you that it’s nothing but the truth.

Pink Sands Beach photos

The unique pink beach is located on a tiny Harbor Island with the width of 2 km and the length of less than 5 km. A lot of celebrities come here in order to relax. The most famous photographers choose this destination for luxurious photo sessions with the best models.

Pink Sands Beach photos hypnotize, and you want to spend some time on the warm sand, swimming in soft waves of the ocean. Waters near Harbor Island are the perfect place for diving. You will find a lot of astonishing red corrals and a huge variety of exotic tropical fish.

Pink Sands Beach photos

But why is sand pink?

This beach looks pink because sand of Pink Sands Beach contains particles of red corrals and foraminifer shells of pink color. Waves bring them to the beach, while the wind destroys them into small particles, mixing with sand and giving it its pink shade.

Are you planning a romantic getaway? You need to go to the Bahamas, and Pink Sands Beach photos will convince that it’s the best place for romantic things!

In case if dry sand on Pink Sands looks pinkish, the wet one has the bright red color. It looks astonishing under the shining sun, creating an incredible atmosphere during sunset and sunrise.

Pink Sands Beach photos

What is the best time for the holiday?

If you are impressed with Pink Sands Beach photos, and you want to get here, try to plan your holiday in the period from September to May. This period offers the best weather conditions in the Bahamas.

Pink Sands Beach photos  Pink Sands Beach photos

Lately, this beach is really popular, and several celebrities even bought their own houses here. While walking around you can find the house of Susan Sarandon.

If you want to take Pink Sands Beach photos without people, you need to wake up really early. By the way, it’s the best time for taking such memorable photos.

Pink Sands Beach photos

Don’t forget to visit local souvenir shops when walking around the island. Local craftsmen make a lot of unique stuff, and you will be amazed at local prices. Local authorities make everything to attract tourists, keeping the prices in accordance with the recently adopted development program of Harbor Island.

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