Pets in Dubai: keeping rules and local laws

14 May 2017
How to keep Pets in Dubai: pet rights, special aspects of feeding, medical treatment and transportation, punishment for mistreatment.

If you have a pet or just plan to get one, you have to remember that all pets in Dubai have their own legal rights. Rules for alimentation, keeping and medical treatment are described in the Federal Law No. 16 that was implemented in 2007.

Paragraph 2

The owners of the animals, the persons taking care of them, according to the situations, shall take preventive actions in order to keep them away from any harm and dangerous situations. In order to do so, the owner has to know rules of keeping, special aspects of development and staying at home. If a person has no possibility to keep an animal, they have to give such animal to local authorities. The owner has to check the current state of the animal at least once a day.

Paragraph 4 — The right for the animals to move freely

The animals have to have enough space for comfortable living. The animals freedom shall be limited only on a temporary basis in accordance with the current orders of the Ministry.

Pets in Dubai have their rights described in the Law No. 16 that was implemented in 2007. By violating some provisions of the Law one can be detained for one year.

Paragraph 5 — The constructions and the animals’ accommodations

Pets in Dubai shall have no direct contact with contagious materials and harmful environment. Accommodation of the animal has to be cleaned and disinfected in an easy manner.

Animals in cages have to be protected from various weather conditions, predators and various dangerous situations, which may harm them. They must have a comfortable sleeping space and waste handling system.

Paragraph 6 — Feeding

The animals have to get proper amounts of food that perfectly fits their age and species in order to keep the proper level of health. All animals have to be able to reach a source of clean water at any given period of time.

Paragraph 7 — Transportation

The animals shall be transported in a way that ensures their safety. Furthermore, they shall not be exposed to injuries or harm. The implementing regulation of this Law states the conditions and specifications to be met when loading, transporting, unloading, and feeding the animals during their transportation.

Paragraph 8 — Treatment

Should the treatment of the animal cause pain, fear, or irritation, then the vet or the specialist shall interfere. All the surgeries that the animals shall undergo, shall be carried out under general or local anesthesia and in a place fully equipped for the kind of surgery.

Paragraph 14 - Penalties

Any kind of violence (including sexual) against animal will lead to the fine of AED 5000 and imprisonment for at least one months. By letting an infected animal go outside the owner shall be obliged to pay a fine of AED 5000 and spend a term of at least one year in jail. Violation of any other provisions of the Federal Law No. 16 "Concerning Animal Protection" the owner shall be obliged to pay fees starting from AED 20000.

Pets in Dubai: laws and responsibility

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