The first arthouse cinema will be opened in Dubai in the autumn

The director of the Akil cinema, Butheina Kazim, told about the future opening of the arthouse cinema in Dubai, which will become the club for the real fans of the cinema.

The first arthouse cinema will be opened in Dubai in the autumn. It will be created on the base of Akil Cinema, which is already used to show old films. In fact, Akil requires a couple of slight changes in order to become a real arthouse cinema. 


The author of the project is the owner and the director of the Akil Cinema, Butheina Kazim, who’s sure that only the arthouse can save the world of cinema. 

The first arthouse cinema will be opened in Dubai in the autumn, and it will become the place of attraction for artists and fans of the art, who prefer independent directors.

“Today cinemas are significantly less popular than the movies on the screens of TVs and computers,” says Butheina Kazim, “For example, Netflix has already taken a significant share in the world of real cinemas. We understand that people want not only to see the movie, but enjoy new feelings, communicate, and feel new emotions.

Arthouse cinemaThat’s why our arthouse cinema will be something like a closed club, where people can not only watch new movies, but talk with each other, discuss new projects in the world of art, and find like-minded people. In other words, we want to offer something more than just a movie.”


The cinema will be decorated in the arthouse style. The walls will be covered with wallpapers and posters of old movies. Chairs from the oldest Plaza cinema in Dubai will be installed here. New café for 30 guests and the locally made chocolate will be opened at the entrance hall.

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