Paris – the city of contrasts

One can walk around Paris, again and again, discovering new places and areas. There are more than 160 museums and 200 art galleries, as well as a lot of ancient temples and palaces of the royal and noble people.

It’s worth noting that Paris is a multifaceted place. Ancient palaces and modern skyscrapers are located next to each other, mixing the fashionable districts of the city with the poorest areas of Paris. When one says Paris, people think about the Louvre, the Eifel Tower, the Field of Mars and Champs Elysees. These days Paris is a modern European capital that develops day by day, attracting a huge number of tourists and immigrants from all over the world. However, each visit to Paris will be memorable, and you need to plan everything in advance in order to enjoy it without sad moments and disappointing situations. 

Paris – the capital of France

Multifaceted capital

The territory of Paris is divided into 20 administrative areas with the unique numbers. The counting starts from the center of the city, and areas 1 – 9 are considered the safest for the tourists. While planning a visit to Paris on your own, you need to search for accommodation and hotels in the mentioned areas of the city. By doing so, you will have easy access to all areas of the city with incredible palaces, museums, and parks. 

Paris – the capital of France

At the same time, it’s not really recommended renting an apartment and going to the suburbs of the city. The reason is a huge number of immigrants from various countries and a high level of criminality. In many cases, tourists are disappointed with Paris because their hotel is located too far from the center, and there’s no romance or charm of royal families.

We all know that Paris is the place of bright memories and incredible experience. This is a city of art and performances, the place of freedom and joy. Paris keeps the vast collection of astonishing monuments and objects of art. The capital of France has more than 200 art galleries, 160 museums, and 100 theaters. The most famous of them is the Louvre. This museum is the biggest and the most frequently visited in the world.  

The structure of Paris may seem too complex in the beginning, but you need to look at the map in order to forget about the problems. The biggest landmark is the Seine River. Take a look at the left and the right parts of it and on the island of Cite. Go to the island if you want to see Notre-Dame de Paris, Saint Chapel and La Conciergerie that was used as a royal residence, as a court and as a jail in different times. If you go to the left side of the city, you will see the Eifel Tower, the Field of Mars and Sorbonne University. Take a look at the right side of the river in order to find the Louvre, Champs Elysees and a new business center of the city with tall buildings and skyscrapers. 

Paris – the capital of France

Before coming to Paris and using public transportation, one needs to understand how it works. Sometimes the structure of the subway and the commuter train lines may be confusing a bit, as well as the location of the bus stops. However, the city has a really structured public transportation system, and the trip from one area of the city to another won’t be difficult at all if you spend a couple of minutes to get used to the infrastructure. 

Useful information

Touristic agencies of Paris offer special cards for the tourists. If you decide to buy one, you will save additional money on public transportation and museum tickets. 

What to see in Paris

If you have only a couple of days, it’s not recommended going to Paris because it’s not enough to get used to the atmosphere of the unique city. The capital of France has more than 200 art galleries, 160 museums, and 100 theaters. The most famous of them is the Louvre. This museum is the biggest and the most frequently visited in the world. One needs a week or even two to open all the secrets of the city. 

Paris – the capital of France

The center of culture is the Louvre. No doubts, because it’s the most popular and frequently visited museum in the world. After visiting the Louvre, the real fans of the art can go to Musée d'Orsay and Le Musée de l'Orangerie in order to witness the works by Monet, Van Gogh, Gaugin, and other famous artists. 

The most important church is Notre-Dame de Paris, as well as Saint Chapel located on the Island of Cite. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris is located on Montmartre Hill, and it’s definitely worth your visit. This is the tallest point in the city, where you can enjoy the best sceneries of the area. 

Paris – the capital of France

In the evening once can go to one of the theaters or the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret. They say that you can’t feel the spirit of Paris without going to the cabaret.

One can spend a lot of enjoyable and memorable moments with family and kids while going to one of the amusement parks and entertainment centers of the capital. Paris offers Disneyland, the Asterix Park with water slides, and the City of Science and Industry. Don’t forget about the numerous cafes and restaurants, where you can taste the best dishes from the tastiest French cuisine.

Finding a home

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