Paragliding in Philippines, anyone?

October to May
Level of skill
No special training
All you are supposed to do is enjoy your time without bothering about handling anything yourself


What it is

Paragliding is a kind of adventure sport combining skydiving and hand-gliding and involving a light free flying wing made of ripstop polyester or nylon fabric. The jump itself is usually made from a cliff or a mountain and use wind power to glide in the air. Mentioned for the first time back in 1952 – when special gliding parachutes were updated with a transversal slide – this sport consolidated itself as an extreme entertainment in Philippines only during the last ten years. Today paragliding is available at Carmona flysite, not far away from Makati city, Cavite, October to May since the weather is not windy.


Local story

Paragliding Philippines company founding member – Rumi – claims to have very few pilots when commencing this business about ten years ago. There was no local legal regime regulating this extreme sport either, then. So the crew had to legalize it and turn it into a professional activity in 2014. After setting things right with formalities an appropriate education and train system was built. Mostly consisting of foreign specialists early in the game, the team managed to draw more locals in the course of time. This way the team grew up significantly and the founders decided to derive interests from this activity in order to provide its sustainable development. In result, tandem gliding – which means flying fastened in with an experienced guide – appeared. No experience is required to join in a tandem because a licensed pilot will be responsible for taking off, flying and landing. The entertainment became such a strong tourist attraction to Cavite province it’s arranged in that it raised the place’s popularity significantly and received public authority’s appreciation.


About the flight

A tandem paragliding flight lasting 15 to 20 minutes costs PHP 4’000, which is approximately the level of other providers’ charges that are in the range of $60. This fun event will leave you with an action camera video, the whole flight’s photo-shoots and even a nice branded T-shirt. All adrenaline seekers older than 14 are welcome to spend an unforgettable time and spice up their life with this great aerial experience. A professional pilot manipulates the glider gaining height and making turns while all you are supposed to do is enjoy your time without bothering about handling anything yourself.

Flights are arranged early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and participants are recommended to be properly equipped with a sunhat, sunglasses, a long-sleeved pullover and some sun-protection cream on. Sliders are a definite “no”.


Other things to try

The organizer offers a certified training course of paragliding for anyone who wants to become a real, well-educated pilot. A course of international standard is available for students of all levels – from newcomers to those looking for renewal. The education will take you ten days and cost approximately PHP 35’000. Becoming a professional pilot opens up new opportunities for traveling and visiting different events as part of the group.

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