Palm Jumeirah on the map of Dubai

Palm Jumeirah on the map: the location of the resort island, full description and connection with the mainland, and the most convenient ways to reach the island.

Palm Jumeirah can be easily found on the map of Dubai because it’s a beautiful man-made island in the form of the palm tree located right on the shoreline of the city. It can be seen even from the space. 

Here are geographical coordinates of the island in Google Maps: 25°06'51.8"N 55°08'17.6"E

Palm Island on the map of Dubai

The Palm consists of the trunk, which is the central part of the island with the main objects of infrastructure and the biggest residential complexes, 17 palm leaves covered with expensive villas, and a half-moon breakwater with attractions, hotels, and villas. The breakwater is connected with the trunk via the tunnel.

Palm Jumeirah is considered the best resort area of the city with fashionable hotels, well-groomed beaches, wooden walking areas, sundecks, and parasols.

In this article, you will find information about the location of Palm Jumeirah on the map, including geographical coordinates of the island and the most convenient ways to reach this area of Dubai.

One can reach the island using the underwater tunnel or a 300-meter bridge from Al Sufouh area. Unnamed Road is one-way, and goes through the entire trunk of the island, intersecting with Crescent Rd on the half-moon. Furthermore, there’s a monorail link that connects the island with the mainland station of Gateway Towers. It goes to Atlantis Aquaventure station located on the top of the palm.

The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai: how to find it on the map?

The location of Palm Jumeirah on the map is well-known by each and every taxi driver in Dubai. If you want to discover this majestic island, just ask the driver to take you to Palm Jumeirah Monorail.

Palm Island on the map of Dubai

The best way to look over the island is to use the monorail, of course, if you don’t want to see the Palm from the sky or the water by renting a yacht or a helicopter. The monorail link is installed on the height, allowing guests of the island to enjoy breathtaking views.

The best way to reach Palm Jumeirah from the airport is E11 highway road. Firstly, you need to take Abu Dhabi-Ghweifat International Hwy, go to Sheikh Zayed Rd and E11. Then you need to drive till the exit 58, along with Casablanca St/D70 and take the bridge to the palm. The total distance is 32.5 km, and the travel time is around 46 minutes. This route includes toll roads.

Here are several alternative routes: via Al Khail Rd/E44 – 36.3 km (≈47 min), via Abu Dhabi-Ghweifat International Hwy/Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 – 35.9 км (≈54 min). You may face traffic jams here, as well as at the entrance point of the island during the rush hour.

Palm Island on the map of Dubai

The easiest way to get to the Palm is to go to any neighboring area, such as Al Sufouh, DIC, Dubai Marina. Take a bus to Gateway Towers and switch to the monorail link.

One can use the metro map to create a route to Palm Jumeirah: you need to take the red line and reach Nakheel station. Exit the metro and walk to the monorail station. You can also take a taxi to reach it.

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