Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent: why should one stay here?

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent: in which situations one should use short and long term rental offers on the island and can rent luxury villas here?

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent: accommodation on the resort and long-term stays

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent are popular not only among the tourists but also among foreign specialists and experts who come to Dubai for work and want to have their own place for living. Your own yard, pool and the proximity of the sea are your great chance to relax and combine hard working with relaxation and healthy time on the beach.


While staying in a hotel you can’t get the same level of privacy as in a private house, because you have to hide in your room in order not to see other people.

The Palm Jumeirah: daily rental villas

If you are planning a short stay in Dubai and you want to enjoy comfortable accommodation and check all the possible attractions, then daily villa rentals in Palm Jumeirah is the best option for you.

One can use Unnamed Road in order to get to the city center by car and spend some time working or enjoying the city. The ride won’t take more than 10-15 minutes. If you want to enjoy the city from the sky, it’s recommended using the monorail link.

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent


Don’t think that such big houses are intended only for big families because there’s a lot of options for a solo traveler or even a couple. Numerous Signature and Garden Home Villas are reconstructed into guesthouses where tenants can stay in a separate room while using the garage, the pool, and the beach in the atmosphere of luxury.

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent: which houses and for how long can be rented on the resort island? In which situations such houses are better than hotels?


Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent


Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent: family holiday offers

Palm Jumeirah is an amazing place to rent a luxurious villa for a family stay. By renting your own holiday house you will be able to keep your current lifestyle, while the proximity to all the attractions allows not missing the most important things.

While having a holiday on the Palm you definitely need to visit giant Aquaventure Water Park, magic Lost Chambers aquarium, and the Dolphin Bay, which is well known with its amazing shows and active participation of the spectators.

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent


Long term villa rentals on Palm Jumeirah

One can rent o house on the manmade Dubai Island not only for a holiday but for a longer period because numerous villas are offered for long-term rentals. It’s worth noting that not all the offers on Palm Jumeirah are luxurious. Furthermore, the price depends on the type of the building and the location of the object.

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent


For example, long-term rental of Canal Cove townhouse or Garden Home villa near the beginning of the branch will be a bit more expensive than an apartment of the same size. At the very same time, the difference in the price is covered with numerous advantages of a private house: the private beach and the pool, and the yard with the barbecue zone. Furthermore, you can stay with your pet, and hide from the curious eyes of other people.

Long term, short term and daily rentals of villas in Palm Jumeirah are offered on our website. Choose the most appropriate accommodation and stay with comfort!

Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent

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