Palm Jumeirah Villas

Palm Jumeirah Villas are offered in different styles, with final finishing and furniture. The price depends on the size, style, and location.

Palm Jumeirah Villas

The Palm Jumeirah is an ambitious project of Nakheel Development Company. This is manmade in a form of a palm tree in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. Palm Jumeirah Villas are sought by investors from all over the world. This is the place with the most famous beach addresses and the best villas. Residences and mansions of this unique island are owned by famous politicians, businessmen, and celebrities, including such people as David Beckham and Elton John.

The palm tree island will impress you with the wide choice and the luxury of more than 4000 villas. They serve as a decoration of the trunk, 17 branches and the ring of the palm together with luxurious hotels. They look like majestic palaces and offer various floor plans and living space. Traditional Arabic houses are neighboring with the ultramodern high-tech villas.

Palm Jumeirah Villas
Palm Jumeirah Villas


Palm Jumeirah Villas in Dubai: traditional development

Nakheel offers three different options for people with different tastes and budgets: Signature, Garden Home and Canal Cove (townhouses). Let’s talk about the advantages of each of them.

 Signature Villas – luxurious villas built in 2006. They are considered as luxurious ones and can be purchased in freehold. They considered as the most popular buildings on the island. The main feature of these villas is their huge size: the plot of 1200 square meters and the house of 650 square meters. Inside the villas, guests will find the atmosphere that corresponds with the strictest standards of Nakheel: marble floors, built-in wardrobes, and high-quality equipment. Each bedroom is equipped with a private bathroom and offers air-conditioning and lighting control.

There are 9 types of Signature Villas:

  • Central Gallery;
  • Gallery Views;
  • Central Pool;
  • Grand Courtyard;
  • Garden Lobby;
  • Grand Majlis;
  • Great Rotunda;
  • Grand Staircase;
  • Riviera.

A part of the villas is made in the traditional eastern style, while the rest are made in European or even Mediterranean style. All of them offer unique and luxurious furnishing, two garages, a pool and the direct access to the beach. For example, here’s the photo of a classic Grand Courtyard villa in the Arabic style

Owners of numerous Signature Villas changed villas according to their tastes, reconstructed and expanded their plots, partly by purchasing the neighboring houses. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find a pair of similar buildings on the island.

Signature Villas
Signature Villas

   Garden Home Villas – luxurious houses built in 2007 with 4 or 5 bedrooms and the living area of around 460 square meters. The size of the plot is around 650 square meters. These villas are also offered in different styles and can be purchased as a private property. There are Garden Home villas in Arabic, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Greek styles.

The villas can be divided into the floor plans and the architecture as follows:

  • Central Rotunda;
  • Atrium Entry;
  • Garden Gallery;
  • Grand Foyer.

Currently, there are both classic and modernized Garden Home villas in the market. One can purchase a house with final furnishing by Nakheel, after the light cosmetic renovation of as a fully furnished accommodation, such as this example

Garden Home Villas
Garden Home Villas

   Canal Cove Townhouses – one of the most expensive options for living in Dubai. They are located in the trunk of the Palm Island and offer 3- or 4-bedroom houses with individual entrances. Such houses are united in clusters with 6-12 houses in each of them. Clusters are using the common comfortable beach and a small green park. Thanks to the detailed and well-planned interior, such residences are incredibly cozy and will be the perfect choice for a family holiday.

Each Canal Cove district offers numerous playground for kids and sports, as well as pools, recreational zones, and barbecues.

Guesthouses in Palm Jumeirah

The Dubai Island in the form of a palm tree is one of the best resorts in the world. One can easily meet such people as Jennifer Lopes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruz or Kim Kardashian. Russian celebrities also prefer this destination: Valeria, Anastasia Volochkova, Olga Buzova, Victoria Lopyreva and so on.

Palm Jumeirah Villas are the coziest resort accommodation option in the city. Numerous world celebrities own houses on the manmade island…

Those people who don’t have their own Palm Jumeirah Villa, but prefer privacy, choose local guesthouses. It can be a part of a villa or a separate house built by the owner of the land for rent.

Rented accommodation will become your second home (temporary one), and you will act like the owner of the house, using all the advantages of the private villa.

Palm Jumeirah Villas in Dubai: wide choice and local prices

In addition to the typical villas, the Palm offers unique luxurious houses. The following areas are the most popular ones: Club Villas, Balqis Residence Kingdom of Sheba, The Grandeur, Viceroy, Kempinski Palm Jumeirah.

Prices for villas depend on the size, furnishing, and location. If we talk about the classic Signature Villa, one will pay around $5 million in the worst location on the trunk where you will see your neighbors. Villas at the end of the branch with amazing sea views are worth around $10 million.

Palm Jumeirah Villas in Dubai
Palm Jumeirah Villas in Dubai

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