Palm Jumeirah Tours and all the attractions

Palm Jumeirah Tour packages are your chance to visit the main attractions of the island and discover the manmade Palm from a helicopter or a yacht.

Palm Jumeirah Tour: what are the benefits of the package trip?

Palm Jumeirah – is an artificial island in the form of a palm tree, located in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. It’s frequently called the eighth wonder of the world. It offers amazing resort services and opportunities, a huge number of luxurious hotels and entertainment venues. Palm Jumeirah Tour is the best way to meet this east treasure.

Do you want to witness the eighth wonder of the world? Book Palm Jumeirah Tour that involves a trip on a boat or a helicopter and visits to the main attractions of the island and the Palm.

The island consists of the trunk and 17 branches covered with luxurious villas. The entire image of the palm is finished with a half-moon that serves as a breakwater. The total area of the island covers more than 800 football fields and can be seen even from the space. The island is connected to the mainland with a bridge, while the half-moon can be reached from the top of the palm via the tunnel. One can reach this part of the city by using a car or the monorail link.

Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, Tour.
Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, Tour


Each Palm Jumeirah Tour involves visits to the main attractions of the island:

  • The biggest water park in the world – Aquaventure. It looks like the ancient city of Mesopotamia with 30-meter central Ziggurat tower. Two of seven slides are going through the pool with scary sharks.
  • Lost Chambers underwater world museum. It represents the ancient Atlantis with 18 halls, underwater tunnels and a lagoon with more than 65 thousands of creatures.
  • Dolphin Bay dolphinarium located in the open lagoon. It offers spectacular shows, swimming, interaction and training of dolphins under the strict control of the staff.

Furthermore, Palm Jumeirah Tours may include various excursions on a helicopter or a cruise on a boat around the island. It’s the best way to see the Palm from the sky or from the open waters.

Palm Jumeirah Tours
Palm Jumeirah Tours Helicopter


If you want you can add fishing on the yacht, a travel on the air-balloon, a photo shooting during the sunset with the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel and Dubai Marina on the background.

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