The Palm Jumeirah house prices: what’s the value?

The Palm Jumeirah house prices are getting more and more affordable day by day. In this article, you will find comprehensive information and prices for the houses in the best resort of Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah house prices

Villas on Palm Jumeirah represent the luxury and the highest level of comfort. For many years the Palm Jumeirah house prices were among the highest ones in the emirate. However, these days we are able to find more affordable options.

Now Emirates Hills is considered as the area with the most expensive and luxurious houses and villas in Dubai. Last year eight of the ten most expensive villas were sold in the part of the city. Several mansions from the Palm Tree were also included into the list: the fifth place was taken by the villa that is worth $10,35 million, while the ninth was taken by another villa with the price of $8,17 million.

The Palm Jumeirah house prices
Palm Jumeirah house

It’s worth noting that not all the houses on Palm Jumeirah are as expensive as those villas. The price depends on the total area, location, neighboring zones, decoration, and architecture, as well as the area of the island.

Price range for villas on Palm Jumeirah

The price of the house or villa directly depends on the total area of accommodation and the quality of interior and decoration. However, the location of the house is a bit tricky. The majority of villas in the Palm Tree Island Dubai are located on the branches. The closer is the house to the trunk, the lower is the price and vice versa.

The Palm Jumeirah house prices  

Many people are really interested in Palm Jumeirah house prices. What are the prices for the most luxurious villas, and how one can find an affordable villa?

But why does it happen like that? It may seem that close location to the trunk provides the faster access to the main infrastructure objects of the city. But the key factor is the privacy. Villas on the island are located too close to each other, and the closer is the villa to the trunk, the smaller is the gap between the villas. Furthermore, one can even see the neighbors on the opposite branch and even talk with them. People have to pay for the privacy and in order to have fewer neighbors and panoramic views. Luxurious palaces with amazing views are worth at least $5.5 million.

The Palm Jumeirah house prices

By the way, the famous Shahrukh Khan Signature K-93 villa that was given to the “King of Bollywood” by Nakheel in 2007 was worth 14.4 AED million ($3.9 million). We are wondering what would be the price for that snow-white palace today.

Is it possible to buy an affordable villa in Palm Jumeirah?

The ‘affordable’ word is not the best one to describe the luxurious villas of this area; nevertheless, not all the objects are sold here with the price tag between $8 and $10 million. Palm Jumeirah villa prices start from the point of $1.6 million.

Below you can find a table with the most important projects and the minimum price for the houses:


Readiness condition



Palma Residence Complex (townhouses)

Under construction. The majority of objects was commissioned in 2015


from $1.6 million

Garden Homes

Finished in 2007


from $ 2.5 million

Signature Villas

Finished in 2006


from $ 4.5 million

Canal Cove (townhouses)

Finished in 2007


from $ 1.75 million

It’s obvious that the furnished apartments will be even more expensive, e.g. a house with 4 bedrooms and designer’s furniture will be worth $4-5 million. While the prices for the spacious Signature Villas with furniture will start from the point of $6.5 million.

If you are lucky enough, you can find several plots on the island, which are worth $1-$2 million.

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