Is there any Palm Jumeirah entry fee and can you get there for free?

05 October 2017
There’s no Palm Jumeirah entry fee, so the price of your visit depends only on the type of chosen transportation, i.e. taxi, metro or your own car.
The entrance to the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai is absolutely free, thus there’s no entry price. This area of the city is open for all the guests and visitors of the city, thus you don’t have to pay anything to get here by foot or by car. Many tourists are asking and writing about the Palm Jumeirah entry fee, because they are using outdated information from the web, thinking that they have to pay something to enter. There is no Palm Jumeirah entry fee, but in order to get there you have to use public transportation, that costs some fee. The thing is that one can’t access the Palm by foot, because it can be accessed only by car or using any kind of public transportation. If you plan to use the second option, you have to pay for your ride, purchasing tickets for both metro and monorail link. Some people are thinking that the monorail and the metro can be accessed with a single ticket, which is obviously wrong. Thus, when they have to buy an additional ticket for the monorail link, they consider it as the entry fee for Palm Jumeirah. This is wrong, because they won’t pay anything if they use they own or rented car.

What is the Palm Jumeirah entry fee to when using the public transportation?

You won’t pay anything if you decide to reach the palm with your own or rented car. There are no checkpoints or entry gates here. One-way ticket on the monorail link will cost 15 AED, while the price of the return ticket is 25 AED. Children with the height of less than 90cm can use the monorail link for free. So, this price can be considered as some kind of Palm Jumeirah entry fee. There’s a lot of taxis located right next to the monorail station on the mainland. The ride for the main attraction of the island, Atlantis hotel, is worth 20-25 AED. Nevertheless, tourists prefer to use the monorail, because it offers astonishing views and amazing sceneries. When using the highway one won’t see any difference between the Palm and any other area of Dubai. Below you will find prices to visit the main attractions on Palm Jumeirah:
  • Aquaventure Waterpark - 260 AED for adults and children of 1 meter 20 centimeters and taller. 215 AED for visitors shorter than 1.2m. Kids of less than 2 years can enter the park for free.
  • Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers museum – 310 AED for adults and 250 AED for kids.
  • Dolphin Bay – starting from 555 AED (depends on the program).
You also need to remember that all “branches” of the Palm are closed for visitors. Only house owner and tenants can enter them. Furthermore, there are no public beaches on the island. All the shoreline is distributed among hotels and house owners.

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