Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent and short term stay

05 October 2017
It’s possible and easy to find Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent, but these will have one of the highest price tag in Dubai.

Dubai Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent can be found virtually in all the hotels and residential complexes. One can rent them on both short- and long-term basis. You can rent such apartments as directly, as well as using services of numerous agencies. Agencies are more convenient during the peak season, because the majority of apartments is booked and one can find an option only working directly with the house owners.

Apartments in Palm Jumeirah for rent.
Typical apartments in the Fairmont Residence North

Keeping in mind the luxury and the exclusiveness of the Palm, renting the Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent is much more expensive that in any other part of Dubai. Nevertheless, when renting an apartment for a short term the price difference won’t be too high. In addition, you will enjoy the perfect location, and use local infrastructure, which is simply miraculous.

Residential complexes with best Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent

One can rent an apartment as on the “trunk” of Palm Jumeirah, as well as on the “half-moon”. The first option is better for those who want to stay closer to the center of the city and have an opportunity to visit the mainland. Apartments in the “half-moon” are better for people who love patient and quiet atmosphere far from the city noise. Tourists and guests of the Palm are not able to reach this area (the majority of them is going to Atlantis), while local hotels and residential complexes offer really patient and relaxing environment. Here’s the list of the most popular residential complexes on the Palm:

  • Fairmont the Palm that includes three separate complexes: Fairmont the Palm, The Fairmont Palm North and The Fairmont Palm South. It’s located on the “trunk”, and its beach is facing the west part of the island overlooking Dubai Marina. Short-term rental prices start from $220 per night and from $24000 per year.
  • Oceana The Palm Jumeirah is located next to Fairmont. One of the buildings offers views over the Palm branches. One can rent an apartment here starting from $210 per night.
  • Atlantis is the most popular complex in the center of the “half-moon” that offers great views of the Palm and the Persian Gulf. The rental prices start from $350 per day.
  • Marina Residence is also located on the “trunk” and looks over the branches of the Palm. The most affordable apartment is worth $180 per day.
  • Tiara Residence is a residential complex located on the Eastern side of the “trunk”.
  • Al Ossaimi – an apartment hotel on the east side of the island that offers a secluded beach.
  • Kempinski Hotel and Residences is one of the most expensive and prestigious hotels on the Palm.
  • Taj Grandeur Hotel Apartments is an apartment complex on the southern part of the “half-moon”. Rental prices starting from $200.

All the residential complexes offer various studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments and penthouses.

Sea view from window in apartments on Palm Jumeirah.
Window view from apartments in Taj Grandeur.

Beaches of such complexes are located in the inner part of the breakwater, thus you won’t see any big waves here. These beaches are sandy and can be easily used by families with kids.

Renting a villa on the island

Palm Jumeirah offers numerous villas and houses for rent. Many residential complexes offer separate houses for rent. Furthermore, one can rent houses on both the “trunk” of the Palm (Palma Residences) and the “half-moon” (Ottoman Palace, One&Only, Sofitel, Anantara). Prices start from $500 per day.

Villas, available for rent in Palm Jumeirah.
Villas in Palm Residences

It’s pretty hard to rent a villa on the “branches” of the Palm, because owners are living there themselves. Objects available for rent are usually booked for several months in advance. You can choose an apartment for rental on Palm Jumeirah using the list below:

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