Hotel with the negative rating in Famagusta

23 January 2020
There is a lot of luxurious hotels, where people want to stay again and again. However, there are hotels, which have a lot of scary stories, and people try to avoid them at any cost. I had one such “scary” hotels in my life

It happened many years ago when Airbnb was only 3 years old. This service was incredibly popular in the USA, but I wasn’t aware of it. Furthermore, I didn’t have a lot of money at that time, and I preferred to sleep in the tent or a sleeping bag if the weather was appropriate. No surprise, that I took my wife to our first common foreign trip (after the Honeymoon) using the familiar and simple way of traveling. 


We decided to go to Turkey, and we wanted to see all of it in just three weeks. We even planned to go to the East of it, but we had no time…


However, we managed to reach North Cyprus because there was no visa requirement for us. In order to enjoy the patient and lovely (and a bit cold) the Mediterranean Sea, we went to the Gold Beach of Karpas located in the northwest of the island. On the day of arrival, we reached Famagusta and discovered that the next bus to Karpas would depart only the next morning. We had to spend a night in a pretty vibrant city. We forgot about the idea of sleeping in the tent on the beach and tried to find a hotel. 

Hotel with “- 1-star” rating

Taxi drivers showed us two hotels, which were extremely expensive, and demanded more than $100 per night. They refused to take us to the third one because it was located in a complex area of the city with heavy traffic. However, they told us that we would find everything really easy because the Old Town was relatively small.


Surprisingly, we found it in just 15 minutes after running along the narrow paved streets with palms. At the entrance of the hotel, we saw typical Turkish guesthouse owners, who liked to talk instead of doing something. They promised a lot of things, and we decided to move in because the price was more than attractive – we paid just $15 for two of us. They didn’t ask for any documents, and we needed only to pay for the night. The room was so narrow that two beds couldn’t be placed next to each other. As a result, there were two beds located one above another. The owner told us that if we wanted to take a shower, we needed to call someone in order to turn the water on

Each and every traveler visited a terrible hotel, which would be worse than any other place. Sometimes, we may be disgusted by something really small and not important. However, a combination of such small moments creates a negative flow. Let’s look closer

I had no experience, and I didn’t check the room for bedbugs. Fortunately, they weren’t there, but we found an old condom near the bed, and an empty bottle of wine under it. It seems that the cleaning was made once per week or even rarer. No surprise that we decided to spend a lot of time outside, in order to spend as less time in the hotel as possible.

Hotel with “- 1-star” rating

Nevertheless, we wanted to take a shower, and we asked to turn the water on. The shower was located in an isolated room having a concrete floor without the rug on it. I allowed my wife to be the first, and I was surprised when she told me that she wasn’t satisfied. The reason was hidden in the ceiling. There was a giant gecko with shiny eyes that tried to follow both my movements and the movements of aphis lions flying around the old lamp. I really liked it, but my wife wasn’t really happy with the new friend.


We spent the night hearing all the sounds from the building. Thank God, they didn’t make anything nasty, and we could hear voices, laughing and shouting from the neighboring house. That hotel gave us a chance to experience the real life of an old Turkish city…

Hotel with “- 1-star” rating

In a week we had to go back. We arrived at Famagusta at 18:00, and discovered that the bus to Kyrenia would depart next morning. The taxi driver asked if we wanted to go to the Old Town, or we would pay for a great hotel. I looked at my wife, who was drilling me with her eyes, deducted $100 from my budget, and shown the driver in the correct direction.

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