The island of colorful pants

Gavdos is not just a patient island with pink sand and one of the best infrastructures in Europe, but a place for living for a giant hippie community.

Those pants were the brightest spot on the island. It seemed that all of them were made from small patches, and there was no original fabric at all. Patches were red, blue, green, yellow and patterned. They were taken from virtually everywhere, just to hide another hole on the pants. It was impossible to identify the main color, so we had to appreciate the overall fusion of colors and patterns.



There was a lot of tourists, who just arrived at the island on the ferry from Paleochora. They were slowly walking to the cafes and restaurants in order to eat souvlaki and drink bitter Crete wine. Later they would take their buses to reach the northern part of Cyprus. Street sellers were actively offering fish and olives, while the captain of the ferry took a bike, and went to a neighboring village. It could be an amazing place with astonishing panoramas, but those colorful pants were everywhere. 

Gavdos – the island with the brightest tourists

The typical hippie from Germany wore those pants too. He was around 25 years old with greasy hair of the medium length, dark tanned skin, and Aryan face. His wife was also unkempt, but she has fewer patches on her clothes, so she wasn’t really interesting. They had an unkempt daughter of around 4 years old. They looked extremely happy while putting their bags on the ferry, and planning to spend an hour in order to reach Gavdos.

Gavdos – the island with the brightest tourists

As we realized later, Gavdos is the point of attraction for the hippies in the Mediterranean Sea, There are a small town and two villages located on the hills among the olive groves and rocks. The coastal line was full of clear, sunny and absolutely clean beaches with no infrastructure.

If you want to get familiar with the hippies, you can find them in any city all around the world. However, if you want to see their holidays, you need to go to Gavdos Island and visit the wild yet primitively accommodated beached...

By the way, the half of the beaches offer amazing pink sand surrounded with astonishing dwarf cedar groves.


It was one of the best places for a family holiday on the beach. No surprise that we saw a lot of vans taking the guests on the island from the beach, while we were walking to a small hotel. The lovers of the freedom wanted to feel the sand, take their clothes off, and dip into the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. We saw a lot of colorful pants in one of the vans, and they could be seen even during the twilight.


We spent two days walking around the island and swimming in a beautiful place called Sarakiniko. We ate a lot of tasty dishes in the shade and watched tiny geckos hunting at night, and running all around the walls. We never met hippies in the tiny settlement of around 300 people. 


On the third day, we wanted to reach the western part of the island in order to see local beaches. There was a great path leading there from Sarakiniko, taking us around the hills and beaches hidden between the rocks. While entering the second beach, we saw those pants. They were fixed on a stick and should serve as a flag in the wind. Suddenly, we saw the German family. They were totally naked. The father was sleeping on the sand, the mother was cooking something near the tent, while the daughter was running all around with her friends. There was a couple of other families. It seemed that they came there to enjoy the freedom of nudism on one of the most patient Greek beaches. Colorful clothes were put all around the tents. They seemed incredibly strange, like if they were patched right from the beginning.

The island of colorful pants

A bit farther, we saw a wigwam decorated with colorful ribbons and shells. It was someone’s home. On the next beach, we saw another muscled outcast with afro bunches and a boat, which he used to reach the city. We got acquainted, and spend a full day on “his beach”, enjoying the nature, the sun, fried mussels and sea salt on our lips. That was the best day for such an incredible trip to the world of patience and Mediterranean beauty.


On the next day, we took the ferry and reached Chora Sfakion. The captain took the bike and disappeared into the city. The passengers were walking to cafes and restaurant. Suddenly. We saw a tall muscled Viking with blond hair and astonishing beard. He had a necklace from someone’s teeth on the neck and colorful pants with no signs of the original fabric. 

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