Where and how one can buy Palm Jumeirah villas offered for sale?

Palm Jumeirah villas for sale can be purchased during the process of construction, as with final furnishing, as well as with furniture. In this article, one can find the best options and prices.

How to find Palm Jumeirah villas for sale?

The main developer of Palm Jumeirah is Nakheell. For those trying to find Palm Jumeirah villas for sale, it’s recommended to look at the project offered by this developer. All the property on the island can be purchased in freehold, i.e. the owner of the house or a villa on the island will have exclusive rights to the property.

Palm Jumeirah villas for sale
Palm Jumeirah villas

Palm Jumeirah: villas for sale by Nakheel

Private villas and houses are offered in four residential complexes in Dubai:

  • Palma Residence – 102 luxurious townhouses; some of them are still under construction on the trunk of the Palm Tree
  • Signature Villas – luxurious villas with 5 or 6 bedrooms and private beaches located on the branches of the Palm
  • Garden Homes – luxurious villas with 4 or 5 bedrooms built in the southern part of the island
  • Canal Cove – astonishing townhouses with 3-4 bedrooms in the southern part of Palm Jumeirah

Prices for villas during the process of construction start from $2 million. Finished houses with furnishing are worth at least $3 million. The higher is the level of luxury, the higher is the price tag. One can buy Palm Jumeirah villas for sale even for $10-11 million, and nobody will be surprised with such prices. However, the price of the townhouses is more affordable. One needs at least $1.6 million in order to buy a townhouse in Dubai.

Villa for sale in palm umeirah dubai
Villa for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Several villas of the island have been already sold several times, thus they can be bought with furniture from previous owners and various additions and changes, including special premises in the garden. Obviously, you have to negotiate the price.

Where and how to find Palm Jumeirah villas for sale? In this article, you will find information about the most affordable options from Nakheel and other developers, as well as about prices and legal procedures.

Offers from other developers

If you are trying to find Palm Jumeirah villas for sale, you definitely need to look at Kingdom of Sheba & Balqis Residences, which is going to be ready really soon. IFA Hotels & Resorts offers 34 villas and 28 townhouses with the furnishing of the highest quality.

Perfect houses are offered in The Grandeur Residences. This project was finished in 2014 and offers only 10 villas. The average price is around $4.5 million, and there are still several villas available for sale.

The following townhouses on the resort island of Dubai are worth your attention Dream Palm Residence and Kingdom of Sheba that was mentioned above.

Villas Palma Residence Dubai
Villas Palma Residence Dubai

The process of villa purchasing

In order to buy a house, one needs to enter into an agreement that contains information about the final prices, additional costs, the term of the agreement execution and responsibilities of the parties. The advance payment is usually equal to 10%.

The seller has to obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate). This certificate is the approval of the developer for sale. After that, the agreement has to be registered in Dubai Land Department where the parties have to make the final settlement of accounts.

In order to protect yourself, it’s recommended to hire a real estate company to buy a house or an apartment on your behalf.

Property in this region

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