Oktoberfest in Munich: feel the atmosphere of the Beer Festival

Bavarian Beer Festival: bright Oktoberfest Festival photos, history of the event, habits, and traditions, tips for the foreigners.

Oktoberfest is a festival with its own unique atmosphere, which can be understood only when you are right there in Munich. However, we will try to show it to you using incredibly positive Oktoberfest Festival photos.

It’s worth noting that this event is not just a beer festival, but the biggest public event in the world. The festival lasts for 16 days in the middle of September and the beginning of October. In order to find the exact date of the event, you are invited to the official website of the festival.

Oktoberfest Festival photos

Guests are offered to try the best beer from six main breweries in Germany, as well as to participate in the national costumes show, and get some adrenaline on local amusement rides. You can also make a lot of new friends from the different parts of the world.

Feel the atmosphere of the beer holiday after enjoying Oktoberfest Festival photos. The festival is carried out in Munich every single year in the middle of September and beginning of October.


Oktoberfest is a national event with more than 200 years of history. The first Festival took place on the day of marriage between Ludwig I and his amazing Teresa. Their servants were offered free beer and snacks during the day. People liked it so much, so they decided to meet on Teresa’s lawn every single year.

Oktoberfest Festival photos

Since that time the celebration in Munich attracts more than 6 million of guests who drink more than 6 million liters of beer. Oktoberfest Festival photos are clear enough to see the fun atmosphere of this incredible event.

People are “getting drunk” at the very same place as before, but it’s called Theresienwiese square and located right in the center of the city. The easiest way to get here is to use the metro station with the similar name.

The festival opens on Saturday by the beautiful row of installation from the breweries. A mini carnival is carried out on Sunday, and later people move to the beer tents.

Oktoberfest Festival photos

Oktoberfest Festival photos: how to get into the beet tent?

A tent is not the right word because people install giant pavilions during Oktoberfest. Usually, there are around 30 of these tents. Some of them are smaller and some are bigger. Some of them can accommodate up to several thousand of guests.

Oktoberfest Festival photos

Each tent has its own style and special menu. So if you are a foreigner, and you don’t have a reserved place, try to wear traditional Bavarian costume and smile. Security will think that you are a local, and you will be able to get inside. Furthermore, one can find a lot of free places before 12:00 during the working days and on Sunday evening.

Oktoberfest Festival photos

Don’t forget that you must come sober and leave a bit drunk. As you can see in Oktoberfest Festival photos all visitors strictly follow this great rule!

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