Another festival of retro cars attracted a huge number of visitors in Odessa

A huge number of retro cars having perfect look and some tuning were shown on the famous Deribasovskaya Street and Greek square in Odessa on July 3.

On July 3, famous Deribasovskaya Street held the annual #festival of retro cars in Odessa. The outdoor exhibition was full of ancient and tuned cars presented by both individuals and legal entities (some of them were using their cars as a popular way of advertising).

festival of retro cars in Odessa

The visitors of festival were able to see a lot of Zaporozhets, Lada, Moskvitch and Volga cars. Furthermore, a big number of such cars as Willis, Ford Mustang and old Toyotas were shown during the event. 

Old, yet perfectly looking ZAZ Zaporozhets, fresh and shiny Lada, adorable Moskvitch as well as old and custom bikes were demonstrated during a special event in Odessa that took place on July 3. 

A special attention was made for the section with numerous bikes, both stock and custom models. People had a chance to take memorable photos, while the owners were happy to share the story of their metal friends, telling about all the complex moments and features. 

Interestingly, this year festival was visited only by the owners from Odessa. This rule was created in order to avoid too many cars and vehicles is such a central place.

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